'Tamper' light flashing on C&K Securitech key pad.

4 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi I've just moved into a house and tried to fix the panel back on (it was taken off) when I did this the 'Tamper' light on my C&K Secruitech alarm box started and is continuing to flash. Now I'm not sure the alarm is setting itself to active when I put in my number. It just emits constant beeps.

What do I need to do to get this working again?

Thanks for your help.
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find the tamper fault.

sorry to be so vague but as the tamper light is flashing it indicates a tamper, there for you need to find it.

any cut wires cables, moved detectors, detectors with ill fitting covers, loose wires
Hi thanks for replying.

I did notice that the keypad box was slightly open (probably due to me trying to get the key pad cover on)

I pushed it closed again but the light is still there. Do I need to completely open the keypad box and do something? (will this set off the alarm even though it's not set??) :confused:
i casnt speak for your alarm panel, but any box opened should cause a tamper, how ever if the tamper is already open then you cant open it again.

why not try it and see (take the lid off and put it back flat) you have nothing to lose
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OK what happens if this doesn't fix the problem?

Also what am I looking to do once I've opened the box?
well I took the cover off and then replaced it again. The tamper light went off but the alarm still doesn't seem to stop beeping once I put my code in.

Also the 1 in the row of numbers at the top of the key pad is lit.

Any ideas?
Is your front door open? Zone 1 is usually the entry/exit.
No. I set the alarm, it beeps, I close and lock the front door, go to work, come back and it's still beeping even before I put the key in the door. :LOL:

Maybe I'll check the front door sensor tonight.
So I checked the sensor and it seems to be working fine. It beeps when it senses the door opening...

Any ideas anyone?

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