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30 Dec 2006
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United Kingdom

My bathroom tap keeps working loose, not the whole tap just the bit that screws into the main body of the tap (is it called the plunger ?).
The taps have a nut just below the handle which turns as I turn the handle either on or off, but gradually works loose and comes out and obviously lets the water flow continuously.
If i tighten the nut up so that it doesnt turn, the tap becomes very stiff to turn on or off.
Is there a trick of the trade for tightening this nut up, for example doing it when the tap is fully on or fully off ?
The tap is a copy of an old style by "Bensham" if that makes any difference.

Any advice appreciated
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Remove the tap top, take off the decrotive cover & you may find another nut. Tighten that
There is no decorative cover, when you unscrew the nut and lift the tap up there is just a screw thread with the washer on the bottom, which needs replacing as it has been dripping for ages. Do you think a new washer might make a difference ? I might post a couple of photos if I can remember how to upload them.
Don't know about your particular tap but generally old style taps have two places you can tighten.

1 There is normally a "gland" nut which tightens a seal around the shaft so water dosn't leak around the shaft. You tighten this nut a little at a time until the shaft is just gripped but can still be turned. This is normally a small nut closest to the turning shaft.

2 The second nut is just the top part of the tap screwing onto or into the body of the tap. This normally needs a bigger spanner. This one needs to be tight.

Hope you can work it out.
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Sorry diyisfun you were right, there is a decorative cover. I will take it off and look for the other nut. Have uploaded pictures if they have worked :-

Not sure what to do about the drip as there doesnt seem to be a normal washer in the bottom unless i just cant see it properly, or is it the ring half way up the plunger ? or will it be solved if i find another nut under the cover and tighten that ?




Youve undone the top half which normally you don't need to.
You need to undo the the large hexagnal nut thing you can see - take care not to break it as it may be tight. Then you'll see the washer on the end of that.
Looks like your washer is worn so thin that the bottom half is separating from the top half. A new washer will cure it once you've found the size you need.
Thanks dal5band, so just to make sure I understand properly, it sounds like I need to take off the decorative cover and replace the washer that I should find inside. Then when I put the cover back on I can re-insert the turning shaft and the tap should work fine after I tighten the top nut up just enough so that it just grips the turning shaft.

Have I understood correctly ?
Yes but you need to re-assemble in a different order.

When you have whole of the tope half of the tap off and got a new washer, assemble the shaft (with the shaft nut) onto the the bit with the washer, through the top body that you took off, Then you'll see how the tap goes up and down as you turn the top. Then you can fit the whole thing back onto the bottom half as one assembly. When assembling, turn the tap into partially open position, so the washer is not squashed as you tighten the body back on. Later you can adjust the gland (small) nut so as to grip the shaft just right.
Thanks dal5band, jobs a good un, although for some reason the washer kept stretching and then slipping over the seating so I ended up putting one on the tap shaft and then another one in the bottom of the tap base.
Thanks dal5band, jobs a good un, although for some reason the washer kept stretching and then slipping over the seating so I ended up putting one on the tap shaft and then another one in the bottom of the tap base.

Hi Bowness72

I read your exchange with dal5band. I have the same taps and problem as you. The problem is that try as I might I cannot unscrew the large hexagonal nut on the decorative cover. Did you have a problem unscrewing yours and do you have any suggestions please? Cheers!
Hi all I have just come across this thread while looking to cure my leaking tap mine is a bensham brass basin tap and its running not dripping, it all seems to work as it should but wont stop running I also have undone the locking nut on the shaft which has two rubber rings at the top of the threaded part, but I think this link states that the large hexigonal body should unscrew from the spout part, I did try this but when it didnt move I thought may be it dos`nt, so could some one confirm this please, I have been trying to get the internal workings on the web without success, thanks in advance Colin
Turn the water off, screw the gland nut back in and undo the large hexagon which will remove the tap insert. In here you'll find the rubber washer - or whats left of it.
The biggest problem is holding the tap still when undoing the large hex.
John :)
thanks I will try that the holding of the body should not be a problem as I have fitted an isolating valve in line so I can take the whole tap in to my garage cheers colin

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