Technical solution for Zoning of hybrid heating installation...?

9 Oct 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I've installed a few straightforward Wiser, Nest, Hive and Salus 'smart' systems, but certainly can't claim to know all the products and technical capabilities available out there - I have a particular scenario that I'd welcome your thoughts/suggestions on, if you don't mind...

A customer has a 3-storey house. Ground floor is Underfloor Heating (one entire zone), first floor is radiators (one entire zone) with manual TRVs, second floor is radiators (one entire zone) with manual TRVs.

UFH has an 8 port manifold, each port pertaining to a different room/part-room, but all actuators are removed and just one 2-port zone valve controls flow to UFH from the boiler, so the whole ground floor is either ON or OFF.

Customer would like to create 3-4 UFH zones to be controlled individually. He also wants control over separate rooms on each of the first and second floors via smart TRVs, and control over the whole house available through a smart app if possible (including DHW scheduling).

Is there a set of integrated products (ideally from one manufacturer) that will manage both UFH and radiator combination? Heatmiser seems to offer a perfect solution for the UFH aspect (including a wireless switch function, which is helpful as the UFH manifold is in a separate room away from the boiler...I really don't want to put hard-wiring in), however Heatmiser don't have the smart TRVs needed for the upstairs sub-zoning. I got a little excited when I saw Wiser's website describing their smart controls, which includes both smart TRVs AND underfloor heating - until I called them and was told the underfloor controller isn't available in this country (yet, and with no specified ETA).

So it's looking like two separate systems: one for the UFH (eg Heatmiser) and one for upstairs (eg Wiser)...unless someone has a cunning solution??
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Looks like Honeywell do an evohome, which appears to do this task, although can get expensive. So does Tado. Might have to be mixed though if on a budget?
Thanks both. Budget not so much of an issue (it's BIG 3-storey house!). I've just had a good chat with Evohome technical, and I think they may well have what I'm looking for...certainly going to go through it in great detail (they're sending me all the technical guff now).

I'm much obliged to you for pointing me that way, a great help.
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Hybrid would generally mean more than one heat source, yours is multizone, From one manufacturer I think you'd have to go for either Viessmann (no TRV's yet but they're coming) or Vaillant. @ScottishGasMan
Of course, forgive me - 'hybrid' used in general (non-heating) sense intending to convey the mix of UFH and rads. He's already got the (Worcester) boiler and heat emitters in's just a new control layer that's needed (hopefully).

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