Tecnik Dishwasher - 'anti-flood'??

15 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
Hello there, hope you can help.

I have a Tecnik, integrated dishwasher. Yesterday it didn't finish it's cycle, so I opened the door, it continued to make an 'emptying' noise. That's not normal, it would usually turn off.

So, I read the small manual left with me by the fitters. Then I took out the fliters, cleaned them, along with the arms.

Then removed the pump cover and cleaned all that out. (not nice...)
Lastly I checked the filters to the supply, all to no avail.

Reading this and other forums, it sounds like the 'anti-flood' has been activated. So, I took a turkey baster to the salt chamber and this is now empty. Other advice tells me to take the machine out and tip it to 45 degrees. I can't do that, as the tiler appears to have tiled over the feet of the front legs. I have unscrewed the fixings from the kitchen surface and tipped it back as far as possible. Nothing came out and there doesn't sound like there is any water in there now...

I did turn on the machine when the pump cover was off and the white wheel is spinning nicely. I've also cleaned all the holes in and out of the pump chamber.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

Thank you

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You probably need to look in the base of the machine and see if it is flooded in there. If anti flood is activated nothing will work except the drain pump until the water is out of the base.
Thanks Leccy.

Is there a way to get to the base without taking it out of it's housing? (removing the pump? - there are a couple of clips securing the pump, but I can't get it to move.) Doesn't sound like there's any water in there with the small amount of movement I've generated in the housing.

I can't see anyway of moving it short of chopping off the front right leg which is tiled in.

Thanks again, all help appreciated. Single, handy Mum, with no cash. :oops:
Not knowing the machine I can only offer general advice.

At the front under the door you remove the kick plate and there is usually some metal or plastic covers there.
Turn off the power and remove the cover (sometimes need to remove the door outer to make it easier)
Look inside (some have holes you can look through)
See if their is any water in there (this is looking in the base of the machine not inside the machine)
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OK, I appreciated the help.

Looking at the base of the machine, I see a white, plastic front, this has a plastic, flat-head screw in the centre, with an up arrow and a down arrow and a double headed arrow pointing to the up and down arrows.

There are no holes and no way, that I can see to look inside.

Can't take the door off either.

Feel a bit useless. :confused:
The screw bit is usually to raise and lower the legs (most of the time just the rear ones)
If it is a sealed plastic front then to check for leaks you would prob need to remove the machine from the housing and tip back or remove the side panels.

Sorry cant be much more help as I don't know the layout of these.

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