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10 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
When filling in a test results schedule (form 4 from the back of BS7671) what do you put in the 'Ring' column when testing ring final circuits ????

The reason I ask is that I'm currently doing C&G2330 and every lecturer I've had over the last 3 years has had their own 'interpretation' of what goes in there. :confused:

I've been told everything from.......its just a tick once you've completed r1,r2,rn........its the highest recorded value of R1+RN..........and even that its N/A!!!! :eek:

To make things even more confusing last year the college produced their own test sheets (OK'd by C&G) which didn't resemble anything seen in the 'real world'

Even some of the publications that are about contradict each other....and I'm a great believer of if you're going to do it, then do it right (which is not always the way you've been taught)

So if you're filling in one of these forms what do you do ?????
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As far as im aware it only requires a tick.
Otherwise that row will show an MCB with a wire size that is too small for the circuit.
Thats my opinion anyway
A tick once you've done all three parts of the ring final test(end to end, phase and neutral cross connected, phase cpc cross connected) and the results are satsifactory, highest value recorded on the third test goes in r1+r2 box

page 138 of OSG for example ;)
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Thanks for the replies,

I had been putting a tick in the ring column after doing all the tests. However my lecturer this year told me that I was wrong and the maximum value of R1+RN should be recorded in the ring column (which I wasn't sure about, hence my question). And having used the colleges 'own' forms last year didn't have the info/experience to back myself up.

Now armed with my copy of the OSG I can stick to my guns !

Thanks Guys :D

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