Texecom Premier Elite iphone App - intermittently working

11 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
I have installed a Premier Elite system and am using the ComWiFi module for communications. All is working fine and I can connect to the alarm using Wintex over the WiFi network. I have had the app working (although only once over the mobile network), but every so often it just fails to connect. The only way I can get it working again is by going back into the ComWifi module setting page and under STA Setting re-enabling the 'Obtain an IP address automatically'.

I did set the IP address to Enable when I initially set up the ComWiFi unit so I'm a bit confused.

Am I doing something wrong? As far as I can see I have followed the manuals for set up properly for both the ComWiFi unit and the App.

Thanks Nigel
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if the com wifi is setup correctly it should be fine, I do find them hardwork especially with some routers.

If it works with Wintex it will work with the app connections as the connection method is the same, so wintex over internal network is same as app over internal network, wintex acess externally is the same as ap access externally.

your pc connection is internal or external ip? your app connection is external if using your mobile network, and can be internal or external if connecting via your wifi router.

:- some routers do not appear to like external connections when you are connected to the same network, some talk talk routers I have come across have that problem so for ome customers they have two accounts a local connect and an external connect.
Thanks for the quick response secureiam. I am only using Wintex on my home wifi network through my main router as I have no reason to use it on the mobile network. The App I have tried on both the home wifi network and the 3G/4G network. Although so far I have only got it working on mobile network by turning off wifi whilst still at home. When I am out and about I have not yet managed to connect the mobile app to look at the panel (either on mobile or a remote wifi network. However I seem to get notifications on the App. The app updates to my external IP address.

My router is a BT home hub 5.

Cheers, Nigel
turning off your phones wifi connection, have you tried mobile data off and wifi connection on?
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Hi - Well for whatever reason, I was out and about this morning and I seemed to be able to connect to the alarm panel on the mobile network without any problem - so it all works.

A couple of very small points:

1. I seem to get double notifications of every event. So when I arm the system after about 1 to 2 mins I get 2 alerts that tell me the same thing although when I interrogate the app its only there once

2. Not sure I totally understand last part of the notification I get when arming / disarming. For example on last disarm the messages read:

The event log makes sense:

Area: ABC. AREA Disarmed by Nigel

The notification says:

xx My address
System Disarmed
Area 1
User 002
Full Arm Nigel

Not sure why it says 'Full Arm'?
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Ibelieve when you look at the notification you would get Area A armed, Area B armed etc possibley rather than AB armed ?

if you get two emails for each notification you may have registered the email address on both smart devices and as a result you get two emails rather than one.
Thanks Secure I Am - my only remaining problem is that the app occasionally fails to connect (the coloured dot in the right hand corner stays magenta). If I go back into the ComWifi unit and set ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’ back to enable and the IP address back to its original value and then save and restart it everything works fine. Not sure why that should be happening?
well that's one for texecom or an IT person really.

what I will say if you cant log in in wait 2 minutes and try again, to try again come all the way out of the app and back in again.

Texecom Connect may resolve these issues but just don't know for sure, the biggest problem is Texecoms comip/comwifi can only handle one session at a time and as a result you cant connect if something else is using it, be wintex or a notification being sent out, the com module poll every 15 minutes and every 5 minutes when in engineering I believe.

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