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8 Nov 2021
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United Kingdom
I have a hard wired Texecom system in the house, and a radio linked unit in a barn about 30 metres from the house. The barn has PIR sensors and door contact units.

About 6 weeks ago, the pad in the house alerted me to a "barn bell" error, but still allowed me to set the alarm.

Last night I got the error " Radio conf fail outside bell", and it wouldn't allow me to set the alarm at all. On a similar previous post in this forum, someone else had this error and everyone was mentioning changing the batteries.

Which batteries? The ones in the PIRs are less than a year old. Did they mean a battery in the bell itself, or in the Texecom unit which houses the lead battery? The whole system is about 4 years old.

Any help would be great. Thx in advance.
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Thanks for your help!
To be clear, on the screen in the house yesterday it just says "Radio conf fail" and stopped me setting the alarm, previously it had the fault "barn bell", but then it still let me put the alarm on. The bell went off last night - sounded pretty loud to me. I think the bell is hardwired to the mains (?) ; should I look in the bell box or in the texecom white box on the wall in the barn?
What is recorded in the log as you should have a zone number to refer to.

If the bell is hardwired then it cant be the bell that is in radio config fail.
However you do ppear to hve had a fault on the bell.
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Thanks Secureiam - I'm assuming the bell is hardwired but not sure. Barn bell is zone 40.

Is the bell itself faulty - or is it somehow mis-connected to the base unit? It certainly works - rang last night and probably woke everyone in the neighbourhood!
the barn bell is wireless then.

as hard wired bells don't have a zone number, hardwired bells would either be a panel or hardwired expander address.
Hi secureiam

Thanks - I think what it is is that the battery in the bell box on the outside of the barn needs changing. Got on a ladder to see what battery it is, and couldn't even take off the front of it. There must be a knack to lever off the cover - any clues? The shape of it is a squat "kite" with a blue light on the bottom edge.
Also, what battery does it take?
ps. having googled it looks like a Texecom premier Odyssey 3E box - which would make sense as the whole sytem is Texecom
wireless takes Lithium AA's 1.5V x 8.

then if isody 3 and not ody x 3.
You will see two screw cap covers, flick that open and undo the posi head screws and then lift the cover, where ear muffs just in case.
if its the ody X, screw at bottom of unit, push the catch in and lift up and undo further screw to access the battery compartment.

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