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22 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi Everyone (y)

I recently had a Texecom Prermier Elite PSU200XP expander fitted to an outside barn to extend our alarm from the house. The house has a Premier Elite 88 panel. The barn has a separately fused power supply and it's own consumer unit. A while ago all the electrics in the barn tripped, no one noticed and eventually the battery ran out on the expander and we needed to call the engineer so the system could be reset.

When the power trips in the house, we get a notification on the keypad, however we didn't get any notifications when the expander unit tripped in the barn. The alarm company said they can swap out the PSU200XP for a 'smart power supply', but my understanding is that the existing unit already has the technology to alert the keypads. At least it says something along those lines in the spec -
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I normally wouldn't query it, but the new expander panel was a significant part of the upgrade cost and now they want another £300 to install an alternative smart supply - we don't have anything fancy in the house to do the power failure alerting and as far as I can find out, Texecom don't make such a device. Is this normal? Does the existing expander really need to be discarded and a new unit fitted, or is it simply switching on some functionality that's been overlooked?:unsure::?:

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I assume the barn expander is area B and AC fail alerts are prog for area A only. If you have engineer access go to area options and enable area B on AC mains fail. This will give you an alert on house keypad. No need to upgrade the PSU.


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Hi, Thanks.

Yes the barn expander is designated as area B. Unfortunately, I don't have the engineers code unless they kept it as default, which is probably unlikely. It sounds like it's not particularly time consuming to do and requires no hardware, so I'm wondering why such a big bill? Is there anyway to get programme without the engineer's code? How do I access the engineer's menu with the default?
It’s a 2min job with the engineer code, if your alarm co installed the XP200 then I would get them back in free of charge to program correctly.
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Thanks for your replies, I will go back to the alarm company.
Ps It can be used as a standard psu .... there is a jumper link supplied with the xp200 that needs to be fitted for the unit to work as a "smart psu "
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Just out of interest, is it possible to do the changes with the master user code? Confronting the alarm company about their proposed changes is going to put their back up, especially if they're trying to rip me off and is unlikely to end well. Is it possible they've just made a mistake or over looked something? The engineer had to come out and do a re-learn on the system when the power went out, so it would have been straight-forward to just enable the alerting while he was here? I did ask him about it, but he just said the company will be in touch...? I don't like being bent over, but I'd also like to give them the benefit of the doubt. They've been our alarm company for about 10 years.
IMG_2301.PNG IMG_2302.PNG No ...worst case the fault output can be wired to a zone to indicate mains fail as per diagram
Don't suppose you have a part number for that cable?

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