Texecom Premier Elitte 24 and door contacts - tamper circuit

23 Jun 2014
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Hi all,
Read a few different threads

I'm fitting a Texecom Premier Elite 24 (poly) panel with all 8 onboard zones in use (6 PIRs and 2 door contacts), with an expander being added in the near future for additional zones. Using 6 core cabling and it's been run throughout the house and am now at the point of connecting sensors

The PIRs are all set, they are the kind with built in resistors adjusted using jumper settings and are wired up as EOL (will remember that for when i programme the panel).

For some reason though, I'm getting very confused with connecting the door contacts. I wanted to use the tamper circuit on them, so I can know if they ever have a problem in the future. The Premier 24 only has 2 connections per zone and a generic tamper circuit.

This is what the instructions for the contacts show (I am using the top one, labelled SC517/*):

View media item 85903
Does that mean the cores used for the tamper circuit just go under any of the spare screws? (the alarm screws are silver, and the spare ones are brass in colour).

I've wired up the contacts as the image below, with the cores being utilised as:
Blue and Yellow - Alarm contacts, connected to the Zone terminal in the panel
White and green - tamper contacts, both connected under the same brass screw and connected to the Aux/Fault connections in the panel
Red and Black - not used

Is this correct? I've seen other door contacts mention the use of resistors, but there was no mention of resistors for these contacts in the instructions.
Also, do i need to link the door contacts to the tamper circuit serially (using a small terminal block), or can i just connect each one individually to the Aux/Fault terminals?

The connections on the door contact:
View media item 85904

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the one at the top doesnt have a tamper, so you twist the tamper pair together and shove it under one screw (spare).

if the tamper circuit was there you wire to either side of the tamper circuit.

Change the wiring type at the panel to normally closed, (series your tampers and wire into aux tamp)

or put in the resistors (see Elite manual for diagram) and leave wiring type as is (double pole/eol) you will only have 2 wires going back to the panel in this case.

There are numerous digrams ion the net on how to wire up the reistors if struggling post back, if your going down that route.
Hi secureiam,

Thanks for the quick reply.
A basic tamper circuit with the two contacts in series into the Aux/Fault terminals is fine with me, as only those contacts will be wired up into that tamper circuit. If there is a fault, it will be easy for me to identify the one that has failed.

Thanks again

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