Texecom Smartcom Cloud LED not Stabilising

24 Jan 2023
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I have a Premier Elite 168 Panel on v6.02 and a Smartcom on V3.03.
My Cloud LED light fails to stabilise, im being able to generate an app code from my panel but whenever I try using that app code on Texecom Connect V1 or V2 or Texecom Cloud it doesn't work.
I've sent my texecom smartcom to texecom support, they returned it saying that its working for them perfectly.
I've tried connecting this via my mobile hotspot & two different ISP's to rule out internet problems.
I've tried to reset the smartcom by pushing the wifi button 5 times, which makes all 4 LED's blink, I've had texecom support people check my configuration of my panel as well.

Is there anything you think im missing here or you can help with ?
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Hard to say for certain

How many wifi SSIDs can you see around you are there any clear channels (wifi analyser apps, or your router?
I would hard wire to the router to see if it all connects up and then upgrade the smart coms firmware
There are just 2 SSID's here, so interference is not an issue. The problem shows up on LAN connectivity as well, this is my primary way of connecting, connecting via WiFi was just to debug any network issues in my internet and try mobile hotspots to make sure its nothing in my network.
I have tried connecting via LAN to my router directly, taken wire shark captures as well to see that communication is not blocked by mirroring that specific port traffic both on ingress & egress, I can see communication successfully happening.
The problem is that without a successful connection to the cloud I would not be able to upgrade the firmware, so that's the challenging piece.
You have to remember I can only go through things to find information, as for conflict doesn't matter how many, the more there are the more likely a certain channel may be heavy, but unlikely.

are the 2.4 and 5 ssids unique?

Does your wifi passwords have any symbols in them.

Do you have good wifi signal in that location?

Had a customers house where they moved a booster, and the connection dropped, but more strangely as I walked over to the unit the signal improved and it reconnected, I walk away and it falls off again. Sorted with a return of the booster.
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No the 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz SSID's are not unique its a mesh network.
Yes my wifi has symbols in them.
Yes Wifi signal strength is greater than 80% at the location where the Smartcom is installed.

As for all the above holds true in terms of Smartcom being connected over WiFi, will it matter if I have connected it via LAN to my router directly? This is the way I use it normally, the Smartcom picks up an IP address to which doesn't have a single ping drop over 30 mins.
set up a guest network without $ in the password (most other symbols work).
connect smart com to that wifi ssid
They advise that you can see the the two frequencies as separate entities in the past but not convinced the smart com will only see the frequency its on.

if that doesn't stabilise take all symbols out for now and try again, post back with the results.
So i set up a new network without any symbols at all, no luck, i even cycled the power of the smartcom after the change but no luck the cloud LED is still flashing rapidly.
Hard wire it temporary and update it if it connects.

how is it’ll connected and programmed in the panel?
Its connected via the Com Port 1 - Smartcom and Com Port 2 - ComIP.
DHCP is being used to assign the IP address.

UDL is set and verified.
ARC1 has texecom connect defined.
Com ports are set on Com1 - Smartcom and Com2- ComIP

Connected it via LAN as well and checked its still giving the same problem.
The wifi details not entered again ( no wifi setup means unit shouldn't look for a wifi connection), the smart com only flashes when:-

it isn't connected
doing a flash upgrade different kind of flashing.

How did Texecom India check your programming?
Do you have a picture of com1 and com 2 connections?

Only way we can get to the bottom after this is a video call and given what you have said so far not sure what we could do for you at this moment in time to fix the issue.
Its not upgrading, as all 4 LED's flash when it upgrades.
Its only the Cloud LED flashing and LAN LED solid.

Texecom india checked my programming by taking my system on remote and checking my panel via Wintex.
They also asked me to ship the smartcom to them which they confirmed that they connected to a different panel at their end and the cloud led stabilised and they were be able to connect via Texecom Cloud and Connect.

I'll upload a picture of my com port's tomorrow morning. The configuration I can upload right now
Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 1.47.38 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 1.47.24 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 1.47.17 AM.png
Im sending both my panel and smartcom to texecom support to figure it out.
Resorted to all techniquesbut hasnt resulted in anything

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