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8 Jul 2018
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United Kingdom
I have COMWIFI installed and my laptop can connect to this. Am I righting in thinking that I must be connected the COMWIFI connection (Not my EE one) to be able to use Wintex to connect to my panel?
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When you have connection to ComWifi you can link it to your router/home network. Ones it connected you only need to have your laptop connected to router. In Wintex click Edit accout and type LAN or WAN host address of ComWifi and port, usually 10001. To connect use connect via Network.
Meanwhile ComWifi is obsolete and it is not much sense to use it now, try Smartcom instead
Hi Serg,

I had my alarm installed by an electrician who wasn't familiar with texecom alarms hence the questions. I currently have the COMWIFI unit because my premier elite 24 is v2.0 and I have a richochet8xp w which is connected but cannot be used as my firmware is old.

Before I can upgrade the firmware (which I have no idea how to do) i need to save the current settings for the alarm to wintex hence need to get the comwifi working with wintex and join to my router. If anyone can guide me through this step by step that would be awsome or does anyone know of anyone in Leeds who can help and wont break the bank.

Once that is done then i can upgrade the firmware and then possibly get smartcom and some more add ons for the wirless like the external sensors. We keep getting targeted by burglars , last night we had someone climb our roof to attempt access via a velux.

Need helps fast.
I can use Wintex via COMWIFI now so I have saved all my program settings. I cannot connect to wintex via my router but is that really required?? Next step is what do I need to flash my alarm to the latest version ?
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... I cannot connect to wintex via my router but is that really required?? Next step is what do I need to flash my alarm to the latest version ?
Depends ... if you plan to use smartphone app to control you panel online this case router is required. To be able Comwifi to work online you need to set up firewall rules in the router, open port 10001
To flash the panel you need to download Texe flasing software, get flashing interface CDH-0001 and USB-Com lead.
Have a 64M with SmartCom - I have seen somewhere, can find it now, that one can configure Wintex to work through the SmartCom web access. Does anyone know how to configure Wintex - I have version 6.3?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Okay the com wifi has been discontinued, however.

1. you can connect using wintex via a laptop or pc using the comwifi
2. either connect the laptop to the comwifi ssid and use the comwifis default ip address
3. connect the com wifi to your routers ssid, and connect to the ip address assigned to the comip
4. to access remotely you would need access to the network the router is on, most common would be port forwarding.
as for bob theres the option in wintex to connect via smart com, and you need to generate the code from either the panel or the app itself the code is valid for 60 minutes.

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