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21 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
Asylum seekers service
As part of the national dispersal programme for asylum seekers, Salford City Council entered into a contract with the National Asylum Support Service (known as NASS and is part of the Home Office). The city council's housing support service, is responsible for managing this contract which covers 30% of the asylum seekers in Salford with the remaining 70% being housed by private landlords.

Council properties are assigned to the Social Housing team solely for the use of asylum seekers.

NASS notifies the Social Housing team where somebody is in need of housing. The Social Housing team then decides which property is best suited for that person or family. All properties are fully furnished, approximately half of which are 3 bed houses for families of up to 5 persons. The remaining are 2 bed flats for 2 single people who, in the majority of cases, may not know each other. Once the family have moved in, an Social Housing Support Officer will visit regularly to ensure that everything is satisfactory and that the property meets their needs.

Asylum seekers are helped to register with a local G.P, those with school age children will be helped to access schools, and those who choose to do so will be offered help to register to learn English.

This work continues until the asylum seeker receives a decision on their asylum application. If a positive decision is reached then they become eligible to claim benefits such as income support and housing benefit or they are entitled to work. At this stage they would become entitled to apply to the homelessness section and/or register on the Housing Register. However they must leave their asylum property soon after receiving a positive decision. If an asylum application is refused and the appeals system has been exhausted then they must vacate their asylum property. They will not be entitled to work, claim benefits or access public housing. Removal directions should be issued to them by the Home Office. Whilst waiting, the Refugee Action should be contacted or if they wish to be considered under the National Assistance Act then contact should be made with Social Services.

The Social Housing team have the following responsibilities:

pay rent for the property
pay council tax, gas, electric and water for the property
pay for and arrange repairs
decorate and furnish properties and maintain gardens
move occupants of properties when deemed necessary
inform local office of anti-social behaviour issues and assist in investigation
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Fantastic news. Perhaps you should post this on the Calais asylum seekers website, where undoubtedly these "refugees" will no doubt treble their efforts to get into this country. ;) ;) ;)

It's really great to live in such a caring, compassionate country, where we all get along with our fellow man (no matter where they are from, or how little they have contributed to this glorious United :?: Kingdom).

Personally I think Kirkcaldy council should follow this excellent example and house lots of refugees, right next door to a certain G Brown. Who will wholeheartedly welcome them with open arms, throwing parties and social dances for them. His wife Sarah could bake cakes for these deserving people too. ;) ;) ;) ;)
I agree it's awful. Asking strangers to move into 2 bed flats without checking to see if they will get on first.
"and those who choose to do so will be offered help to register to learn English"

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I don`t give a monkey`s what city they inhabit - long as they keep moving through Sussex :LOL: :LOL:
send them back to where they came from, Britain is bankrupt and can't afford them.
Wish we could export other unsavoury elements from our shores while we're at it.
What we need is a general election so all the people can vote for a far right party to get rid of them.

Hang on a minute - we just had one and it didn't happen. I guess that the people of this country like the soft touch government we've got. So I guess we are stuck with asylum seekers.
There is a definate problem of people that DON'T understand the issue of ILLEGAL immigrant, and immigrant,

An immigrant, like a football player, or a Doctor, has legal rights in this country.

An immigrant that has fled their own country, because they will be murdered and killed in their own country, because of their beliefs, or standing in the community, they will be flee their country, then have this negative status.

Then there is the transient immigrant..the ones that jump onboard trains, lorries etc..

So define who you complain about? The immigrant that treats you at A&E, the ones that come here to work legitimately, or the ones that threaten your work and lifestyle?
They are no worse than people who stay up all night posting on a forum then going to bed when the rest of us go to work. :rolleyes:
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