the plastic thingy on the clutch plate of a vw polo estate

3 May 2012
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United Kingdom
does anyone know the name of the plastic thing on the clutch pedal of a vw polo estate, it''s a 2001 model and the AA man said they used to do it on the beetle's but he's never seen one on a polo. It's not holding the pedal up so it drops to the floor and I can't change gear. I've had a look on the wed but have found nothing.
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Do you know if its a cable or hydraulic clutch, if not I'm sure someone will be along soon who knows. If its a cable its probably the link to the clutch pedal that's broken which usually means a new cable, not expensive in itself but a pig to fit.

It's a hydraulic clutch which is still working it's just the pedal that's the problem. Thanks though, I had a fiesta that had the cable constantly go so I know how horrible they can be to change.
The thing that holds the clutch pedal up is the piston in the clutch master cylinder. Part of the linkage that connects the piston to the pedal may well be plastic.

Local breaker will fix you up
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