The Serious Risk Of Wearing Fake Rolex Etc Watches

21 Jan 2022
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I was on the phone chatting to one of our son's.
Our son was considering buying a genuine Cartier Watch but
then a mate told him what had happened to one of their male office admins
last week.

The office admin had been on hols to Dubai and as most people will know you can get lookalike fake Rolex, Tag, Omega etc
etc watches and they do look real from a distance as I've seen them on tv. Anyways, the young man got mugged on a Friday night coming out of a club
and the young guy handed over the watch, wallet etc and thankfully he was not attacked. However, he is shaken up.

The sad/funny bit is that the guys watch was a fake like the vast majority of so-called designer watches in England and once most heard about it and found out he was unharmed most sniggered and many LOL.

So if you are considering flashing a 10 quid Roles/Tag etc, please be aware of the muggers as they know no different.

Our son is now two minded about buying, and wearing a very expensive watch and I'd already tried to put him off but in the past he said
he's only wearing it to weddings/parites at friends where they'd get straight back in a car or taxi.

I wear a sleek, elegant, oblong watch that is a good 14 years old and still looks good and it only cost about 300 at the time time.
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Just looked at fake watches and how to spot a fake and even the esperts have trouble to indeify the puka watch
Sadly, some are sold fakes as real ones!!

Best not to flash your valuables about anywhere really.

I had a nice watch stolen at a Rolf Harris gig many years ago.
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I always thought you could tell the fakes because the wearer has a green ring round their wrist...
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Not really a case of flashing it about as these crooks keep an eye out for things like that and target the vulnerable, EG a bit tipsy and alone.

About 20 years ago where we lived we were one of the handful of properties with a drive and we had quiet a wide drive and new cars.
As it was a corner house it was vulnearble to be targeted by crooks as we'd spent loads of monet on the front walls, fencing, front door etc ie things crooks target so we had cctv.

One night as i was going to bed just after midnight on a summers night I thought I heard someone - looked our of the side window on the stairs and a man in his suit was on the floor in our drive as we did not close the front drive gates and some weasel running away then car screech off - theyd just tried to mug the guy - we went out helped him up, he was a bit ****ed, city worker been out for Fridny night dribks but I had interpruted to vermin. We looked t the cctv ad an old bmw had been driving up and down our road for a while waiting for a target i guess - we handed it to the cops - the vitim told us they found the car but could not tie any of the incestual inbreds to the crime as they wore hoodies and cctv did not 100% pick their mush properly.

So these crims hang around looking out for easy targets as hard working people enjoy their night.

I know for a fact most people that have a Rolex and brag about it wear fake stuff and some may think its genuine but got it cheap, lol - but the muggers dont know that

So ditch your fake Rolex etc dont brag about it
I never wear a watch at home but cant do without it outside as I hardly use my mobile as that often left in the car or my OH is carrying one

I dont do desginer watches nor fake Rolex etc
I haven’t worn a watch for 20 years.

I have a clock in my car, one on my mobile, loads in my house.

when do you actually need a watch
Same here. Well, more than 20 years. As well as having a watch nabbed in a Rolf Harris mosh pit in Coventry, I also left a nice one in a pub. One of them was my 18th birthday present, forget which now. I never liked wearing them, my skin would always get itchy under so I would often take off when I sat down, including in pubs. So once I literally just left it on a table and walked off. Probably should have gone back to the pub, but assumed it was in new hands.

My wife did buy me a nice pocket watch, which I used to wear when working in London in a suit. Got some funny looks when asked the time - back in the day before everybody had a mobile. Before that, I used to keep a small bike odometer with clock in my pocket.

A funny watch / time story! I was walking along the south side of the Thames one lunchtime, and saw a Japanese tourist photographing Big Ben. As I approached, he looked at me, obviously identifying me as the sort of British gent that would have a pocket watch, and asked me for the time. I pointed at Big Ben, which he had just photographed, and said "there's a bit clock up there!". He looked at it and laughed.

Clocks used to be everywhere. If you need to know the time you don't need to go far to find a clock really. So no need to where a £6k watch that will get you stabbed for the pleasure.
It was the skin under the watch i had problem with, not the strap. Happy without a lump of metal attached to me anyway
I still have the $10 Rolex oyster day date perpetual that the first of our gang to break out of the monotony of small village life bought me in the bright lights & big city of Hong Kong all those years ago.

I went into a Rolex dealers shortly after to have a new battery <snort> fitted. The chap behind the counter pressed his buzzer to remotely lock the doors & then he asked me "you do know this is a fake don't you".

<snort> "No **** Batman"

That watch is still VERY important to me. You cannot possibly understand how I felt when my mate gave it to me & you cannot possibly understand exactly how I feel whenever I take it out of its box & place it on my wrist.

The bloke behind the counter magikly produced its real & genuine equivalant, a genuine £90,000 day date oyster perpetual with 22k real gold bezel. I slipped that watch on my wrist & I felt no difference.

My mate couldn't live the life that the rest of us live, he could never settle in one place for longer than a few weeks & to die in front of a TV (like his dad) was his greatest fear. For the whole of the rest of his life he wore an $8k Rolex Submariner for reasons that most folk cannot possibly understand.

My mate who bought me that watch is now gone from this world. His only Son wears a Rolex submariner bought for approx $8k new but now worth approx $12k.
I'm sure that many of the scumbags that rob people of their watches grew up never having one themselves, I too have not worn one for many years - not since I got a smartphone.
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