Taking Direct Action To Protect Your Cash When Inflation Is Massive

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I for one do not need to lie about anything and that is a fact,
No? Really? So, on the 16th March, your sister had a Bentley Arnage


She still had it on the 31st March. Miles better than the cars you have, apparently.


But come the 13th May, she had sold it when it was 4 years old - too much trouble.


Which of those were the truth and which were lies?

BTW, as previously mentioned, Bentley stopped producing the Arnage in 2009. Assuming your sister had the very last one produced and got rid of it when it was 4 years old, that would have been 9 years ago yet you gave the impression she was still gadding around in it. More bullcrap.

Dunno about the 'smell free zone' in your avatar - we can certainly smell something.
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