Theresa May: I will fight the next general election

15 Nov 2005
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"Theresa May has insisted she will lead the Conservatives into the next general election."

In other news, Mrs May explained why her totally unnecessary snap election, which caused her to lose the Conservative majority in Parliament, was not her fault:

when asked by interviewer Michael Howard – a former Tory party leader – whether the snap election was a “significant factor” in the Tories’ terrible election results, she replied:

"I think it was, because by definition in a snap election you’ve not been able to prepare people for it. So out there people have to work quite quickly to put their local campaigns together, and you do get slightly more of a central approach.

We need to look at that very carefully, and to make sure we get the connection between what people want to do locally and the central campaign."

Furthermore, whilst Theresa May chose to dodge numerous debates with Jeremy Corbyn during the General Election – much to the disappointment of the voting public and Corbyn himself – she also hilariously blamed the lack of people ‘coming together for debates’ as a key factor in the Tories’ shocking election results, telling Howard:

"There was the day when there much more of an emphasis on people coming together for debates during election campaigns. Now it’s much more disparate, campaigning and messaging, precisely because there are so many more people on social media talking to each other about the campaign and political parties interacting with that as well."
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You're right, she's a shower of sh1t.

STILL a much better prospect to vote blue rather than have Corbyn/McDonnell/Abbott in number 10 though. Call it strategic voting if you like, a term favoured by the self-labelled progressive left.

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I suppose Theresa May can only say she will fight next election, the option to say 'I will stand down' would cause never ending speculation in the madia.

There is of course no way she will be be fighting the next election.