Is the world ganging up on her? Or is it the other way round?

15 Nov 2005
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Her own party? Those dastardly foreigners? The electorate?

Won't have a public debate, won't meet the public, only visits hand-picked audiences and won't let TV cameras in.

Cheering supporters in Scotland

An invited audience in a Maidenhead toothpaste factory show their support with tumultuous applause


"May has already ruled out the prospect of participating in a TV debate, and early indications suggest that her aides will control her appearances tightly. There was further evidence of this on Friday, with assembled workers heard telling reporters that they were "not allowed" to answer their questions."

(Cornwall) "Local news reporters claim they were locked in a room by Theresa May's press officers as the Prime Minister toured a factory during an election campaign visit."

"Accusations have been whizzing around online that at a campaign event at the Shine building in Leeds, the Prime Minister spoke to a room full of guests invited by the party, rather than local people or people who work in the building’s office space."

"residents of the estate were not invited and gathered outside waiting for a glimpse of May, while the audience inside was made up of Conservatives activists from across Bristol and South Gloucestershire."

(Craithes) "Theresa May is facing fresh accusations of “hiding” from voters after a campaign event held in Scotland was publicly listed as a children’s birthday party.

Bemused locals in Aberdeenshire had been unable to find the location of the Prime Minister’s visit, which was not advertised in advance."

"The real Tories are very obvious to spot. But when you look at the BBC video from which this picture is taken, you can see that the others not only do not look enthusiastic, they do not join in the clapping. Do not take my word for it, watch the video – the body language, apart from the obvious Tories, is more of hostages than supporters.

My contacts in Banchory tell me that this is because, in a weird Tory return to the 19th century, it was made clear to tenants of the Crathes estate that they were expected to turn out to support strong and stable leadership. The heir to the estate, in whose name the hall was booked, is Alexander Burnett, old Etonian and Tory MSP. Which century are we in?"
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That's always the argument against stricter laws that take away freedom - if you have nothing to hide, what's the problem?
Who knows what I have to hide? I might be a threat to national security because i disagree with the fact that anybody can buy my private data now.
Maybe one day I will want to make use of a private health scheme, and then the insurance company will be allowed to view my data and see that 10 years ago I was Googling reasons for a pain in my leg, and determine that I am not entitled as it was an ongoing problem that I should have dealt with sooner. The point is, you don't know what information is important to keep private until some bastard screws you over after getting their hands on it. It's not about not being a member of a terrorist organisation or a paedo, it's just about not allowing the government to waltz into your home and snoop around as and when it pleases them.
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Theresa says she won't do a TV debate (in front of millions of citizens) because she wants to travel the whole country meeting people in all sorts of communities

But we see that she repeatedly visits small meetings of hand-picked supporters, out of the way of the public, that aren't even locally advertised, or are booked under false pretences.

Does anybody really believe that a bunch of selected Tories, or press-ganged strong and stable workers and tenants forced by their employers or aristo landlords into the strong and stable audience, are representative of the citizens of this strong and stable country?

Is she capable of giving a strong interview that isn't littered with meaningless stable slogans?

How can the UK be expected to conduct Brexit negotiations, if the other side is prepared to leak details to the press? David Cameron presented 'Project Fear' prior to the EU referendum and the EU bureaucrats are doing likewise as we enter into Brexit negotiations. Last week the price of leaving was suggested at 60 billion euros and this week its 100 billion euros. What silly money are they going to quote next week?
Nice to hear an MP with some balls speaking up for Great Britain.

Sad to hear all the weasels complaining.
the EU bureaucrats are doing likewise as we enter into Brexit negotiations. Last week the price of leaving was suggested at 60 billion euros and this week its 100 billion euros. What silly money are they going to quote next week?
Is that another way of saying that a hard Brexit is not going to be easy for the UK? I guess they are just telling the truth.
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Junkcer & the EU commision 's purpose is to is achieve ever closer union . It is in there interests to attempt to punish (?) the UK for daring to leave ;)

They have no electorate to answer to ;)

Its there full time job . The member states of the EU will look at things differently than these pencil pushers

They do not want brexit It removes the UK tax payers money out of the EU pot / there pot ;)

and none of of the EU member states will want the prospect of putting there own workers (electorate) out of work in order to satisfy the likes of junckers & the unelected Eurocrats in order to satisfy there revenge

EU states will rein in Junckers & his cronies in due course.

That Greek bloke who was in charge of the greek talks with the EU over there crisis stated on the radio yesterday . That the EU briefing & leaking private conversations to the press is the way they work

That & brown nosing the Germans is the way they are.
EU member states united in these brexit talks , speaking with one voice :LOL::LOL::LOL:

In your dreams . Get real
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