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15 Nov 2005
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Nice to always know where we are with the Tories.

In a ****ing muddle.

No income tax rises for high earners under Tory government, minister reveals
Daily Telegraph 3 June 2017 • 8:57am

"High earners will not face any increase in income tax under a new Conservative government, one of Theresa May’s most senior ministers has promised.

Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, said voting Tory was “the only way” workers across the wage spectrum could be sure their tax would not go up, ending weeks of uncertainty for middle-class professionals.

The pledge puts clear water between the Tories and Labour on personal tax, with Jeremy Corbyn promising to increase income tax on those earning more than £80,000 to help pay for a £50 billion giveaway."


Theresa May: Tory tax plans have not changed

BBC 3 June 2017 4pm

"Theresa May has insisted Tory tax plans have not changed after a senior cabinet minister signalled there would be no income tax increase for higher earners.

The prime minister said it was her party's "firm intention to reduce taxes on ordinary working families".

But Sir Michael Fallon said in the Daily Telegraph that there would be no rise in income tax for higher earners.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the Conservatives' tax policies were in "chaos"."

Conservatives forced to clarify position on tax rises

May insists plans unchanged after senior party members pledge not to raise taxes

edit: different links added.

The torygraph will probably suck theirs away to hide the truth.
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Unfortunately, the link takes you to a subscription page before you can read the article.
As I understand it??

The only "Tax" that will not rise, according to the Tory manifesto, IS ---vat---

Looks as if all else is up for grabs?? Hence the differing views from within the party??
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