Is the world ganging up on her? Or is it the other way round?

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How have I made a mountain out of it?

The post is a link to a news article concerning Citibank and other financial institutions gearing up to move when the shoite hits. I never mentioned it again nor did I make a fuss over it.


dunno about all that but one thing I am certain of there is skull doggery afoot Noseall

may be a shock but imho this forum has been infiltrated by Russians , Russian hackers based in the Ukraine

between me and u I suspect him again as a Russian agent :idea::)
Apart from the possibility that the meeting place was already stipulated in some document prior, the above could just as easily be seen as
Smacking of insecurity
I don't see a problem.

Isn't all/most EU business done in EU premises?

Dislike of something can be taken too far.

It's a power thing and it says "you come to me, I ain't coming to you because you need me more than I need you.

It could also be seen as "I'm bricking it really, so I've got to make a big song-and-dance-about-it, to hide my insecurities".
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