Government Change

On the subject of lower corporation tax. Ireland, Luxembourg, denmark and the netherlands have done very well establishing favourable tax policies to encourage investment.

Have you got a report or some analysis - I will be interested to see the effect on FDI and GDP per tax rate as their is a quality and quantity effect.
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Actually, your posts have become more interesting since your backside has taken charge..
...In their haste to run away from the recent Conservative manifesto, and placate the younger voters whom they have made into enemies, the remaining senior tories with their eye on Theresa's job are calling for an end to the public sector pay cap (Gove, Johnson, Hunt and Greening), and an end to Austerity....

more succinctly...

A party with a secure majority tends to go a bit loopy

Since 2010 the tories have reduced the annual deficit by two thirds. Whats loopy about that?
Instead of the pandering by some of the top tories to the corbynite fascists regarding the fantasy austerity they should be pressing ahead with real cuts.
The kind of stuff that will make the likes of poor old johnd squeal even louder.
johnd the tax evading expert.
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poor old roger needs to be put to bed with more of his tablets.

He is so deranged that he is making repeated false allegations about tax-dodging.
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