Theresa May's Brexit talks with the Labour Party are a "grave mistake"

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Blimey it would appear that the Labour / tory brexit talks have gone t**s up :eek:

must admit that is a surprise :sneaky::sneaky:

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Each side will now spin out the usual predictable waffle blaming each other for spending weeks and only agreeing to disagree :LOL: bunch of buffoons

Mind u at least it only lasted a few weeks unlike the USA EU trade talks that went on for 7 years and got no where :LOL:

Americans lost the will to live dealing with the EU 27

Wonder how much the Romanian delegation rifled out of the hotels during the talks :LOL:
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You just can't help yourself, can you, you sad, pathetic, embarrassing, shameful excuse for a human being.

Well I would not have put it quite like that :LOL:

Dare say the Romanian diplomats carry a small tool kit in there diplomatic bags so as to un screw any bath room fixtures :LOL::LOL:u
OK about here (actually earlier) i decided this chap has issues, you're either having a bad day/life or just not getting any. Either way you need to step away from the forums, this is a classic example of someone losing grip on reality. Unless you are actually a windup! Maybe you are not very mobile now and rely on these forums for all your outside communications? I don't know. You're a very frustrated person. Look at your opening statement :D crikey my wife on a bad day isn't that bad (he says checking over his shoulder).
No, you don't know, do you.

But hey - why let your ignorance be a bar to you writing fatuous rubbish, eh?

Tedious quoting my own quotes
Write stuff which isn't tedious, then.

i did say that already i think Tories who are rebelling could be for many reasons, check back i think it's that 506th word i typed you loser ;) Something along the lines of:

"some of them Tories could be staunch remainers or getting backhanders from other powers to continue to block for other ulterior motives"

Now am i clear?
You are also clear that you support some of the Tories who voted against the deal on the grounds that it's sh** and we deserve better.

How many Labour MPs do you support for doing the same?

Dont be so blinkered ffs.
Says the man who is so blinkered that he will not accept that any Labour MPs might have voted against TM's deal because they think that it's sh** and we deserve better.

BAS - you're not getting it are you? We as electorates only have the power to vote a party in not the leader.
You did not have to vote for them.

But you did, and you knew that she was their leader, therefore you knew that you were voting for her to be PM.

Own it.

See my previous quote on why i think May should not be our negotiator but i had no choice!
You did have a choice. You could have chosen to vote for another party.

You could have chosen to abstain.

You chose to vote for her to be a negotiator.

Own it.

Blinkered BAS - <cough> Corbyn <cough> wont talk with no deal on the table <cough>
Quite right too. Bonkers idea

Which brings me back to another fking beyond Moronic bane of my life decision.

Removing no deal (which has only ever been in reality some form or bargain tool until the idiots got hold of it)

Who ever says i want to do a deal but im not leaving without a deal? WTF?
Intelligent, knowledgeable, skilled people.

I walk up to a salesman and say hey i like that 30k car i want it, what sort of deal you going to offer, just to let you know i am not allowed to leave without it (ie no deal).
Ok says the salesman..that will be 30k. Boom.
Meanwhile those who are not intelligent, knowledgeable, or skilled say that we could leave without a deal.

Queer Brownstar
Dare say the Romanian diplomats carry a small tool kit in there diplomatic bags so as to un screw any bath room fixtures :LOL::LOL:u
I really wish I had a button here which I could press and delete you.

From the forum and from my country
Blimey novichock :eek: lucky I have key entry only into my house

No door knob or handle :cool:
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