thermostatic mixer valve

As you obviously like the last word you can have it , anyone following this thread will see who the initial protagonists are. END :D
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aray said:
Untrustworthy and dishonest is definitely not me, but multiple personality disorder is definitely you.
Well, you've written it, which I guess makes it uniquivocally true.

aray said:
I told you I didnt want to get involved didnt I, but you pushed it, didnt you.
Ah, yes, but I didn't believe you. I'm not aware of having pushed anything though, especially having retracted an inaccurate comment that I made about you. Perhaps I clumsily nudged you, much like two people in a self-service restaurant queue when they're concentrating on looking at the food and not paying attention to people next to them. If you have a grudge then so be it - I certainly don't have time or inclination to read the ancient history of any member's posts and vomit it all up all over this topic.

aray said:
Now do as the doctor ordered..... Let go, relax, suck your thumb again if it helps.
Hm. You're really not very calm and collected at all are you.

aray said:
As you obviously like the last word you can have it anyone following this thread will see who the intinial protagonists are.
Seriously, if I were you I'd continue with the therapy in the hope that the delusions of grandeur can be controlled.
The thing is corgiman, that:

Generally, I run my business(es) by arranging to have all the parts I need before arriving at the job, thus avoiding the need to run around like a git in the search for something that will fit. I don't mind paying whatever I'm asked, within reason, because I just pass the cost of materials on to my customers.

However, if your merchants are like mine, each one carries different brands and a different selection of fittings, and I need to visit them all to (a) maintain rapport (and discount!), and (b) get what I want to have I stock.

This is all very well - it's rare that I get caught out without at least one option to solve a problem, but sometimes I do, and, when I do, I need a supplier that (a) won't mess me around and is prepared to help, and (b) hasn't gone out of business because everyone else in the country has switched their allegiance to

The second excellent reason for using local merchants is the scenario of problems with materials - I can't be doing with sending things back in the post when they're missing components and/or are faulty. The last bathroom suite from my local merchant had a problem with the pan, and they collected the faulty one and delivered another on the very next day. I wouldn't have got that kind of service from you-know-who.
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good points softus and well made

glad i am a wage slave and dont have to worry about that at all


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