This poor refugee has come for a better life.

Are you Nuts. .? Of course it's a good excuse, and any decent human being would help a 6 year old and his "inocent" family who are genuinely in danger of their lifes

What stinks is, that his mother and later him + other family members abused those that welcomed and fed them, just for them to heap misery to others.
Nobody is disputing that.
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Fine with me, unless he is now a British citizen.

Blame the Government then.

I don't care if he is now a citizen, that can be revoked. I do blame the government and the likes of you who protect and side with him.
I asked before to show where I defended him, and you didn't. You are lying.

Throw the book at him. He's scum. There are scum in all walks of life.

Well then I have misunderstood you.
I didn't know you agree that he should be deported.

I know it's not easy but I do blame the government for that.
I reckon you should read what's in front of you before trying to read between the lines.
baby steps, an' all that.

Blank spaces are between lines are blank spaces.
and the likes of you who protect and side with him.
I call out the narrative from the right who want to label all asylum seekers as criminals

They aren’t.

Pointing that out does not mean siding or protecting immigrants who commit criminal acts.
BBC News - Drug boss ordered to hand over £3.5m

Technically, the guy's an emigrant, not a refugee, anyway. Your narrative has so many holes i could drive a bus through them.
Come on, man, you can do better than this.
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