three cables to one socket?

29 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom

I have 2 double sockets in my kitchen, one of which has three lives,neutrals and earths going into it. (this is the questionable one but I'm assuming this is the feed for a spur) The other kitchen socket is to the side of a boiler and I don't really have much access to it, undesirable I know, but not of my doing, so I cant see how many cables there are. What I want to know is ,can I use a JB to connect the three cables together and then run a single cable from the JB to a new double socket realising of course that would be a spur???

ps getting at the cables to extend the ring isn't really an option

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What is going to happen to the existing socket (with the 3 cables in) and where do you intend to put the JB


Thanks for the reply but all is sorted. ive put a junction box in near the ceiling which will be covered with a lowered ceiling, making all kitchen ceiling flush, and then run a new lenghtened cable down to the old socket position + a foot or so to get it below worktop.

as a slight aside and apologies if i shudda started a new thread, would it be legal/safe to fit a dp fused switch and then add a double socket and still keep existing one. so thats feed from jb which has 3 cables in to it and 1 out,to a fused dp, then to a dbl socket and another dbl socket below it????

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For one, the j-box that you installed in the ceiling is a bad idea. You should not have terminations in inaccessable places.
Two, Take two wires from the j-box and continue it along a ring to as many sockets as you need and then back to the j-box to complete the ring.
tommo2 said:
Two, Take two wires from the j-box and continue it along a ring to as many sockets as you need and then back to the j-box to complete the ring.

This sounds mysteriously like a figure of 8? I'm also slightly confused to whos question you are answering? A ring final circuit must not have any interconnections along its length.
If the ring final circuit was to be extended using a junction box it needs to pick up one leg with the JB, link to the new sockets in turn and then return linking to the other leg of the ring final circuit using another junction box or a suitable accessory.
For a picture of a ring final circuit see here: wiki
If the sockets are fed from a fused spur unit the sockets can be run as a radial, although in a kitchen installing multiple sockets from a 13A fuse is pushing it as far as the loading is concerned.
Also please note installing sockets in a kitchen is notifiable to LABC under part p in England and Wales.

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