Threshold Bars/Strips for thick Carpet and Underlay

3 Oct 2017
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United Kingdom
Hello, I have had some carpets (and underlay) installed. However the carpet to carpet threshold bars the fitters used give some pretty steep “ramping”. So much so it gives quite a noticeable “trough” at the door thresholds even though the underlay is cutback underneath.

Therefore has anyone any ideas to get around this ? As the I shaped carpet-carpet threshold bars I have found all seem to be the same kind of height. Or the ones that screw/clip down onto the floor covering only look like they are suitable for hard flooring or floor tiles.

Many Thanks,


(I did find a 6 year old thread on this sort of topic but only suggested the ramping)
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You can buy an easy shim from stair rods
Thanks for replying jct.

I had a look at those, but they seem to be for transitioning between two different floor heights, unless I misunderstand the product. Whereas I am wanting to join the gap at the door way between two carpets/floor of the same thickness.

But that has got me thinking, whether I can take the strips I have got. Mount them higher on a bit of strip wood, so the drop between the top of carpet and the threshold bar is not as severe.
Yep that would work, if it makes it even
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You can mount them higher on a strip of wood, or, with thick carpets the fitters should have used raised metal profiles that have a lip to their base that sits them higher than standard metal bars
As Dave said. Bit of ply the same height as the underlay.
I am surprised this isn't more common/standard, every time we get carpet fitted (just normal 55oz wool twist, 11mm foam underlay) we ask for it and are usually met with a slightly odd expression. They do it, but think its odd. To me having a half inch valley under every door is odd, not to mention a pain to hoover!

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