tiles wont stick to shiny concrete step, what will I use.

5 Jul 2011
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United Kingdom

Ive just tiled a washroom floor in my old house, it has a concrete floor and you step down from the kitchen into this lean too room. Ive tiled the floor with BAL dry powedered rapid set that I have mixed in batches as I have went and the floor is great. I havent grouted yet. The concrete step in question has laminate on top and into the kitchen. I have used 3 narrow cut tiles on the front face of the step and then plan to stick on a step nosing to hide the laminate-tile join.

But the concrete step was shiny before I tiled almost looks like its been varnished. I rubbed it up with sand paper but one of the tiles has fallen off, its only been on a couple of days. The adhesive is fully stuck to the tile but the adhesive hasnt bonded with the step.

Will a sticks like **** adhesive do for these couple of tiles? Or do I need to use flapper disc and really scrub up the step?

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