Tilt and slide patio door will tilt but not slide

22 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom

Came home this afternoon and the tilt and slide patio door wouldn't open. Ordinarily the hand is up, unlock and turn it anti clockwise and the door will open. This time the handle wouldn't turn anti clockwise but would only turn clockwise. We managed to get it to tilt but cannot get it open any further than that and cannot get it to lock again.....anyone give us any ideas as to how we can remove the door so we can facilitate repairs.

Many thanks in anticipation

Trace & Rich
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thebogfrog, good evening.

Do not want to appear alarmist but? has someone damaged the door from the outside? a possible break in? suggest you have a close look around the outside for any indication of lever marks?

Hi Ken

Thanks for the concern, thankfully we still have access to the rear of the property, theres no sign of attempted forced entry, we just need to try and the damn thing open nownto try and repair it, I'm just wondering if a locksmith would be able to unjam the slide mechanism so we can at least see what causing the problem.
thebogfrog, Hi again

Sorry if i was alarmist, I have seen a couple of cases where the door works fine on leaving in the morning and is not operating at night?

Can you see if there is anything stuck between the floor guide and the moving patio door frame? kids love to find odd places to "hide" bits and pieces?

OK a locksmith can be called but check out all eventualities before spending money?? [Spot the Scot? worse than Yorkshire man]

As an aside? have a look at the previous answers about this type of problem, they are lined up below this post?

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Thanks Ken

Yeah it a weird one for certain, as far as we're aware there's nothing in the bottom track (We're both firmly in agreement with the persil adverts and always keep away from children ), we can get it to tilt but just can't get the mechanism that releases the bottom to allow it to slide to work and unfortunately being unable to do that means we can't check anything else out.

I'll check out some of the other posts and see if there is anything that gives us a clue.

Thanks again

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