tips wanted for painting large ceiling

21 Aug 2003
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United Kingdom
I'm currently struggling to get an even finish on our new living room ceiling. I've never had issues before but because the room is so large (approx. 6m x 6m) it is proving difficult to get a finish that does look patchy. I've been using Leyland trade contract matt with a short pile roller. The ceiling was skimmed (in fact the whole house was) prior to painting so is a nice smooth surface. But I'm wondering if the problem is variation in paint thickness and some areas drying too quickly. If so, should I try and use a longer pile roller so I can get a thicker coat of paint in the hope it will dry more even? Also any recommendation for paint to try? After applying about 5 coats of the above cheaper paint and having no success I'm happy to pay through the nose for something that means I only have to do one more coat!
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Yes, mist coated fine. I've used the same method all through the house and it just seems to be an issue in the larger rooms where you can look more easily 'across' the ceiling. Coverage is fine, but it almost looks like a different texture. The same kind of thing as when you try to do a spot repair and you can see the brush marks. The only thing I can think is it is do with uneven drying as the paint is thicker in some areas than others. That's why I'm thinking of trying a thicker roller and maybe thicker paint.
While a short pile roller is supposedly designed for smooth and flat surfaces, a medium pile roller is usually far better. It will hold more paint, allowing you to spread it out more evenly.
I would use a pole sander to lightly sand any unevenness out of the paint you have applied and then apply a new coat over the whole ceiling (ensuring dust is removed first). A couple of things you must do to achieve a good finish are:
  • Paint the entire ceiling in one hit - don't stop and restart - because keeping a wet paint edge is vital.
  • Lay off the paint in one direction by lightly rolling over a 4-6 foot band, from one end of the room to the other, when the roller is almost out of paint before moving further across the ceiling and continuing in this manner
  • Paint parallel to the largest source of natural light to avoid roller marks showing.
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That's great, thanks for the reply. I will experiment with some longer pile rollers & the same paint before I buy anything else. Really want to avoid having to sand if possible, I thought I'd seen the back of the mess!
Do you also turn 90 degrees between coats or sections.
To be honest, I can't remember as there has been quite a bit of time between this last coat and the previous ones as I have been waiting for longer days. I will make sure I turn for what will hopefully be the last coat!

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