Toilet Issues

8 Nov 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I have pretty much zero knowledge about plumbing just FYI.

I have three toilets in my house, a downstairs one, big bathroom one and an en-suite one.

There was a rattling noise coming from the downstairs toilet whenever the chain had been flushed and the cistern had refilled. I bought a toilet fill valve from Screwfix, replaced the old one which was easy enough and the rattling noise has disappeared. While the main stopcock valve under the kitchen sink had been turned off, the en-suite toilet had been used and flushed, with no water refilling into the cistern because the water supply had been turned off. Fastforward a few hours later and the water will not return back into the cistern in the en-suite, even though the cistern is only about 1/10 full. I cannot get any water to feed into the toilet at all through the fill valve, even though this wasn't touched on this toilet. This en-suite toilet seems alot more awkward than the downstairs one - as I had thought about replacing the fill valve (probably completely unnecessary, but with having very little plumbing knowledge it seemed like an idea). I'm unsure if this is some sort of air lock in the pipes. This toilet has never had any issues and has always filled up fine, it all seems like a hell of a coincidence that I am now having issues with it having fixed the downstairs one. The big bathroom toilet is completely fine and having no issues.

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this?

Many Thanks
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Sediment or the likes blocking the inlet valve ,or filter ,if the float isn't stuck up.
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Fill valve stuck up, washer has stuck in the closed position inside the fill valve, or injector in the ill valve is blocked. If issue is not first on that list, turn water off, and investigate.

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