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10 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom
I posted a topic earlier after talking with a BCO on the phone. I explained I have a tree 2 meters away from my foundations (after setting out it is actually 4 meters away). He advised I would have to dig 2.1 meters deep which I found very daunting. He would not advise me on how much of the rear stretch I would have to do this. I am in clay soil and have been advised the general is 1 meter. The tree is a cherry blossom . Would you suggest to dig along the whole rear at this depth. A builder advised me to cut the tree and grind the stump out as they have not visited yet, but I do not want to start the project annoying BC at the first step.

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Didn't like the previous advice then.
Yes I did. Just really hoping not to dig that deep. Thanks
I gave you info in the previous thread with regard to NHBC building near trees. Google it and you will be able to download the guidance. As you don't know any better, you will have to base your depths on high water demand, although you also need to know the type of tree.

If the tree is less than 50% of its mature height, you can remove the tree and use the height at time of removal.

If the tree is greater than 50% of its mature height, then removing it won't help as you will have to take the mature height anyway. The reason for this is that semi mature trees can demand as much water as mature ones, and once removed heave is a potential major issue.

The tables are reasonably simple to follow.
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Just thought I would chip in as the NHBC stuff can be a bit daunting. It looks like a nice tree so it would be a shame to cut it down.

Looking at the nhbc guidance it looks like the maximum depth on highly shrinkable clay for a 12m high Orchard Cherry 4 metres away is only 1.8 metres reducing to 1.5 metres if it is medium shrinkage clay.

The depth can be stepped up as you move away from the tree in accordance with the guidance. So at 6 metres it can be stepped up from 1.8m to 1.5m or 1.5m to 1.3m etc. etc.

I have to confess it has been a while since I have had to use this so hopefully someone will jump in if I have got that completely wrong.

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