Triton Capella riser rail

4 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom

We've had a Triton Capella mixer shower part-installed. It's been plumbed in as far as the diverter valve, but they left the riser rail and showerhead off so I could tile and then fit the rail.

When I've gone to do this it doesn't look like it's going to work. The manual talks about connecting the riser rail to the diverter and making sure there's a seal, and tightening a chrome nut. But it seems that there's no seal there. Even with the nut tightened, the riser rail will just slide in and out of the unit.

The picture in the manual doesn't show what it's meant to look like beneath the nut, and I've been on hold phoning Triton for longer than my boss is happy about in work time.

The lads who installed it are away but they did take the screws & plugs that came with it, so they might have taken the seal too. But I can't be sure cos I don't even know what's meant to be there.

Has anyone fitted one of these? Am I missing something?

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I've had a look at a pic of this shower and it looks as if it slots behind the on /off valve which shouldn't have a joint to leak from. :confused:


Have you fitted it and does it leak ? :confused:

Am I missing something?
Thanks for getting back Bahco.

Here's a bigger picture, should have posted it before:


It connects behind the diverter valve which switches between the riser rail and the hose and is the thing at the front. The on/off valve is on the left of that and the thermostat on the right.

I haven't tested for a leak because until I know if there's a seal missing I won't know where I'm drilling a hole for the top bracket. Cos I won't know how high the riser will sit. I think it will leak now though because the riser rail just slides straight out. I can't see the point of the nut that's directly behind the diverter valve because it doesn't hold the riser in place or seal the joint.
Sorry but I can't help you further. :(

You really need to try it and see.

The water goes to each side of the shower and exits underneath to provide yur shower. Can't see why water would come out near the riser rail :confused:

You may be worrying unduly. ;)
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Finally spoke to Triton and I'm missing an olive seal which they're sending out this week. :D

Thnaks mate.

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