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15 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
My LG LCD TV, is linked to an aerial distribution system (professional installed last year). There are 5 TV's hooked up to it,
I have one TV that will have the tv guide, then next time I go to look at it the info is not there & I have to wait for the info to reappear.
I cant change the aerial connection to the tv & it will be difficult to TRY another tv on that output.
Is it likely to be a fault with the TV rather than the distribution system.
For info there is no Sky TV its all freeview.
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Sam, Its LG 26LC55.
The TV guide will be there, then when I go back to look at it, it will say 'no information', then it gets all the info again.
This TV was bought in 2007 its in a bedroom, if its the tv I will get a new one, I can get a 36 which is the same physical size as this 26.
Just don't want t get a new tv if its the aerial system at fault.
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The power is only switched off when Im away, the last time was 3 weeks ago.
I had problems before then & still do now.
My mother also has an LG TV and the same problem. My Panasonic TV guide works well but not hers. Also seems to have a problem always needing a manual re-tune every couple of weeks it seems to stop working two identical TV's one in each room both lose channels at the same time.

It has a hard drive in it and can record to without EPG recording is a real pain.

My Panasonic also loses channels but comes up with notice so single button press and it retunes but I have just given up with Freeview it's useless.

Stuck up a dish for my mum and old sky box no card in slot TV guide works without having to retune or mess around in any way. Also the sub titles are larger which suits her. Pity about Yesterday not working for free on sky but other than that works well.

I was rather surprised to find ITV3+1 on Freeview only works at certain times but works nearly all the time on sky so it's good buy freeview bring back analogue all is forgiven maybe not as many channels but did not have to retune all the time.
Feel certain is tv problem & it froze on me the other night, Im ready for a new one. Just don't like throwing things away that work.
thats great you can try one out and see what happens nowt to loose :D

i personally think it will cure the problem as you are now turning the tv into a monitor with the box giving you channel information
I am watching to see what you find hers is a LG 26LC55 what the extra letter means I don't know hers has a hard drive built in.

She has always used a TV paper which is great until she want to record. Without the EPG recording is a pain. Odd thing is set times to record then EPG tells you all info but only after it's all set.

I have also fitted a satellite digi box and yes on that the program guide is A1 has to be as her TV paper does not list programs like films for men. But again can record but very long winded setting up to manual record.

If it was not for record I would not worry even for programs I can't get with old sky box without card I can still see what on with EPG. In fact think only one is Yesterday all the rest are on satellite plus some I didn't realise were different for example on Freeview ITV3+1 often says unavailable but with satellite it works.

Seems quite a few of the Freeview Channels are daytime tasters and you need satellite to watch in the evening. However getting my mother to swap between freeview and satellite is hard. My TV (Panasonic) I can remove unused options and re-name them so "Input Selection" only shows the ones I use and has names I have entered like Sky and BluRay but although once selected the LG 26LC55 confirms with entered name like Sky my mother has to remember it's AV2 for Sky and DTV for freeview can't swap the names.

Have considered swapping TV or buying new but took ages to show her how to use this one. Does not help when Freeview keep swapping frequency and I have to go down to re-turn. At least now with satellite she only loses Yesterday until I get down to re-tune.

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