Twin slot shelving in bare brick garage

12 Aug 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi there, hope you can help please.

Novice DIYer putting up twin slot shelving.

Single skin garage wall with bare brick

The plastic sheet DPC is visible.

I'm planning to use / do:

[a] 1980mm uprights (they have 4 fixing holes)

4 uprights per 2400mm shelf span. (600mm spacing)

[c] 570mm brackets and 600mm deep shelves

[d] Shelves 18mm ply or OSB

[e] Fischer plugs and 5 x 70 mm woodscrews

[f] Fix the uprights above the DPC

[g] Storing general garage stuff

Please may I ask:

[1] Does this sound OK please?

[2] With the 4 fixing holes per upright, I cannot get each one into the centre of a brick. Options are:

[2.1] All 4 into brick, but some may be close to a brick edge (does this matter?)

[2.2] Fix 3 into brick centre and 1 into mortar joint

(I think I read the larger forces are higher up the wall, so the mortar joint fixing will be one of the bottom two)

Apologies if a silly question and a big thank you!!

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You may well also need a lot of packing pieces to keep the uprights straight, if the screwhole is at a recess in the bricks it will distort the rail, and you may find that some of the brackets are hard to slot in. the bottom one in mortar should be alright as it is only in sheer force, there is not much pull happening.
Hi Mike13, thanks!

Do do mind if I ask please - packing pieces? can't picture them.....

Many thanks

You can buy plastic (or make hardwood) wedges that act as packers.
An alternative is to screw a timber baton to the wall.
It is worth spending time getting the height for the first one set for maximum brick thickness.
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The screw at the top of each column is the most important one. There is no pull-out load on the others. This one should be in the centre of the brick.

Put it as high as you can, and the top shelf not at the top of the columns, but set down as far as is reasonable. A foot or more, preferably.

The top shelf acts like a claw hammer trying to pull the top screw out (with great leverage, if the shelf depth is greater than the column height above it to the screw).
Most twin slots uprights have fixing holes every 200mm , you have only 4 per bracket?
You won’t distort the uprights fixed correctly.
Hi all

Thank you for your replies and advice, most appreciated!

Correct please, the uprights have 4 fixing holes.

I *think* I've understood how shims / packers work - they provide a gap to keep the upright plumb & stop distorting.....but hopefully I won't need them.

One last Q if I may please

I was planning to have the top of the upright level with course 2 (so the upright is sort of middle of the wall, bottom to top).

As higher is better for the top fixing, should I go level with course 1 please?

Rough drawing attached

(planning to put the shelving on both walls if that matters)

Thanks again!

drawing, thanks


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In your drawing you have a brickwork gable bearing down on course 1, so they will be held stable, and suitable to fix into

(If not, the top course can sometimes be loose)
Hi JohnD, thanks!

Thanks everyone for your help - feel more confident now

Thanks again!

I did this for my Pa decades ago.

I used timber battens fixed to the wall to straighten things out.

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