two gang problems

7 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom
hi have bit of a problem my dads upstairs lights are not workin the switch which is causing the problem is on the landing it is a two way and also controls the spots in the bathroom, some idiot took it off redecorating now 3 bedrooms the landing and bathroom lights wont work! looks like there is 4 cables at the switch all red and black as far as i can see any help please ?????
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........, some idiot took it off redecorating .....

Don't be so hard on yourself ! ;)

Any other info? Were any of the wires connected together in a terminal block?
Can u send a picture, we like pictures!

Don't forget, a trouble shared is a trouble doubled!
Link reds together in a bit of choccy-block and see if rest of upstairs lights come on.
:idea: Link together with circuit DEAD ! :idea:
If this is case, put reds to C connections in switch and link together with piece of wire. Put blacks to L1 connections (do not link).
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Hmm, I rather think that may not work. You may also have to link all of the true the neutrals together.

If you think about it, this is a two gang switch. There are four cables each with red & black.

I would assume that one cable is phase & neutral in and one is phase and neutral out.

The other two are probably going to the two lights the switch controls. If this is the case he will need to link all of the reds together and all of the blacks together. If my theory is right then the two lights contraolled by the switch will come on and the other(non working lights) should then work.

BUT - we do not know enough about the installation -
is there any two way switching here?
do the lights controlled by the switch have loop in-type wiring or do they have just one cable going to them?

There are more questions than answers, at the moment. A good spark could sort this, on site, in 5 minutes.

Spark13, where are you???
I would think it an odd circuit if there are four cables & neutrals at the switch.

That would mean FEED IN (L & N), FEED OUT (L & N), a pair for strappers & then another twin cable with one core for landing switch & another for bathroom switch.

Possible, I suppose.

EDIT: I have assumed one switch is two way for the landing & the other is a 1 way.

SPARK 13: Is it 4 cables or 4 wires? Even with 4 wires this switch could operate a 1 way & a two way-switched light.

What did each side of the 2 gang switch operate?
Spark13, here's the first question:

Is (was) the upstairs light also controlled by a switch downstairs?

PS: To help avoid confusion you should use the term "two gang" for a switch with two rockers on it. "Two way" means something entirely different, namely that the light can be switched from two different locations. A single gang switch can be part of a two way circuit.

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