Two hot water tanks

10 Mar 2014
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United Kingdom
Can anyone help, I intend to put two hot water tanks for want of a better phrase, in series. My plan is to put one hot water tank in the loft with a cold water header tank Another hot water tank in an upstairs bedroom. I will have a solid fuel boiler, a single pipe system with a flow and return going through each coil in the tanks, the tank in the loft would feed the tank in the bedroom with hot water from the tank in the attic, and the water from the tank in the attic would be replenished with the header tank in the loft. In other words the hot water outlet from the top tank would feed the cold feed outlet on the bedrrom tank.
Are ther any problems with my idea?
Cheers Les
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Wow. You need to learn the difference between tanks cisterns and cylinders mate! But i think i get the jist of what you are proposing. Two cylinders joined at different levels will not work correctly. If they were at the same level it is possible to run them in parrallel (i think!) have you tried looking at installing a quick recovery cylinder? This might be the easiest answer to your problem
quick recovery one wouldn`t work ;) OP is describing a sort of gravity ( thermosyphon) flow from a solid fuel boiler - I think :confused:
The cold tank will need to be significantly higher than the top of the loft tank.

It will need to supply it in 28 mm tube.

Even so there will still be a risk of collapsing the loft tank!

Solid fuel needs particularly care and normally a heat dissipation radiator as well.
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The op needs less whiskey ;).

He wants to heat 2 cylinders from one heater. The top cylinder heated first but the lower cylinder drawing to the taps.

Seems bonkers to me but then this could be a nobcorn windup. ;)

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