Two storey side extension, Gable end

4 Aug 2018
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United Kingdom

My wife and I are wanting to extend our home, a semi-detached property.

I think I know the answer to this, however...

We are wanting to build a two-storey side extension, with roof conversion, with a gable-end (to maximise the roof volume). The total roof volume created would be just under 50m3, but the extension would still require planning permission- it would be pretty close to the boundary.

There is an access road along the boundary in question, so no danger of getting close to the neighbouring property. There are a few other houses in the street with gable ends, these were created under PD.

Any advice on increasing the likelihood of getting permission for the gable end? Would it help if we were to do a hip-to-gable under PD, and then apply for the extension?

Neighbour in the semi-detached has a hip roof at present, but is supportive of the plan.

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The traditional approach is to obtain planning permission for the extension, and then build out your PD works prior to commencing the extension.
The traditional approach is to obtain planning permission for the extension, and then build out your PD works prior to commencing the extension.

That makes sense to me on the basis that it's easier for the PD parts to be implemented within the PD limits, especially if they touch parts of the extension. What's your experience of how it sits with the often referenced PP condition of 'being built in accordance with approved plans'?
I can't recall this being thrown up as an issue, but perhaps it happens.
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You cannot build a two storey side extension with planning approval and then attach the main roof onto it using hip to gable PD rights. Anything PD touches has to be either the existing property, or fall within PD rules itself.

In any case if you are adding a two storey side extension I am assuming you are proposing that the roof continues on from the main house. If so a planning application without the main roof changed is likely to look odd and not get approved.

Without knowing the specifics of council/area/policy and site/drawings etc. its hard to give specific advice, but some councils are awkward with two storey side extensions, particularly on semi detached houses as they argue it alters the symmetry. Requesting things like it being constrained to half the width of the house, set back half a minimum of half a metre from the front elevation, or even single storey only. Each council will have their own policies and the implementation of these will depend on things like neighbours and the area in general.

I'd suggest you first review if the whole scheme you are aspiring to do falls within policy, if so then simply apply for everything in one go should be possible and avoid complications. You could also identify which parts fall under PD on the drawings.

If the hipped to gable is an issue, and an issue on the extension then one strategy might be do a planning application for the whole works with hipped roof retained/continued over the extension. Then build the PD works for hip to gable, then apply for an amendment to the planning approval with the roof on the existing drawings also changed to reflect the built works. This way you have the assurance the whole scheme is permitted in some form. Of course they do not have to agree the amendment and could simply say put the hipped roof back.
This is novel - just apply and see what happens?

This is not so novel - you apply for some things with a cunning plan to do PD work to end up with a larger scheme, and the planners know this so just condition any approval to stop you doing any more PD work that will alter the approved extension.

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