Two Storey Side Extension Timeline - Our Story

22 Oct 2019
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United Kingdom
I've watched this forum with interest over the weeks and thought I'd post the progress with the two storey extension we currently in the process of building.
It all started about a year ago when I wanted to move house for more space but the Mrs preferred to stay put due to good location to schools and being settled in and around family and neighbours that we know. As always I lost that battle. So we decided upon attempting a side extension as we live on a corner plot and have about 7-8 metres to the side of our house which is currently a drive and a massive scruffy privet hedge.
Back in 2007 we suffered from the massive floods that happened over large parts of the country but at that time we took the opportunity to convert an outhouse brick shed which is attached to the side into part of our kitchen. The plan is to remove this as part of the new extension creating a large open plan kitchen, dining room and day room overlooking the garden through a double set of bifold doors and adding a downstairs wc. Upstairs a new master bedroom is to be created with en suite and walk in wardrobe.
Oct19 1.JPG
Oct19 2.JPG
Oct19 3.JPG
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The actual start of things began in April 2019 and we secured our re-mortgage to get the ball rolling in June 2019. We were limited on this and so we have a budget we need to stick to.
I'll be honest I'm a little worried. Until we get the builders quotes I've no idea what its going to cost. I've researched costs, other similar projects and spoken to dozens of people but ultimately until those quotes are in we're in the dark.
We appointed an architect and he came up with various options. It wasn't the quickest process but we were happy with what was being created.
Here's the initial design with extension set back to ensure it appears to be an extension as the local council are renowned for demanding this. We've also decided to render the centre section to make it more appealing on the eye.
Following consultation the council asked us to redesign the front of the house as setting back the extension in our case made the house look disjointed. I totally agree but we had tried to make it how we thought would be best accepted.
So anyway it was re-designed with the extension brought forward leaving a recess in the centre with the front door.
This look so much better although will add to the cost as it is now a bigger extension.

And that's where we are today. We are still awaiting planning permission and have fingers firmly crossed. Inbetween all of this we are frantically trying to plan ahead with regards to the builders plans trying to work out where sockets, switches and services are needed etc..
It's fun, but its stressful and we haven't even started the build yet lol.

I know it's nice to have a big entrance hall, but do you really want a toilet right next to the dining table in the kitchen-diner?
And isn't there some sort of regulation about toilets adjacent to kitchens?
I'd also find it a bit odd if i needed the loo during dinner.
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I have to echo jonbey's comments about the location of the downstairs toilet, it does seem odd to have a corner cut out of a room just for a toilet. Maybe there is space under the stairs for it?

Upstairs, maybe you could use bedroom three as your ensuite and walk in wardrobe. Then split the new extension for two new bedrooms.
You could then either use bedroom one or one of the new bedrooms as your master bedroom.


Thinking about it a bit more. What is your current layout, I've just noticed that the plans have a new window at the front, so is bedroom 3 new?
I'd consider rearranging the stairs and hallway, maybe that way you could fit a downstairs toilet in better.

I also think that you've missed a trick with the new bay bow window. You are not using a feature of the room at it's best by placing a sink and a worktop right across it.
Maybe you could move your "day room" to the front and keep the kitchen/diner at the rear of the house, maybe even using a part of the existing dining room (utility room/downstairs toilet?)
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Hi There.

JUST THINK. Sat having a meal and someone goes for a number 2. NOT GOOD. I be looking at the W.C in the hallway area. Yes a big hall looks nice but it's dead space. Also the dining room would be better in the old dining room/ day room area with bi fold doors onto the garden. Where new dining room is have that as u shaped kitchen. The new kitchen becomes a living room with bay window.

Swap bedroom 1 and 2 over with bedroom 4. Rework en suite and have wardrobe at fron of house. This way bedroom 4 over looks the garden.

Put a juilet balcony in.
If I needed a number two, my toilet of choice (seeing as you have three on the plan) would obviously not be the one next to the dining table! Why are we assuming there will be a situation where one day everybody is having tea and suddenly, someone needs a dump and has to use the toilet directly adjacent to the dinner table, ignoring the other ones? Anyway, wouldn't you be using the dining room for dining?

As for the hallway, a nice open space is a big advantage. Not only does it give a fantastic impression to visitors and future would-be buyers, plus the feeling of size and openness, it also gives a lot of much-needed space for people to get out of wet coats, shoes, etc. Your planned hallway isn't huge and if you put a toilet space in there you'd have a cramped entrance space.
Wow, thats going to look very impressive once complete!
Ok so nearly 6 months on and we’ve finally got this build started.
Planning went through quickly and without much of a hitch. The main delays were waiting for an attentive yet slow architect and then obviously Coronavirus added a couple of months just as we were about to get started.

As noted in the replies here we have decided to ditch the downstairs WC in favour of more wall space. We always felt that it would be better in the hall but budget constraints meant we just lumped it in the only corner we could. We’ve decided not to install one with this build but to hold that for a future project.

The builders moved in on Monday and have started by taking down the old outhouse brick shed which we had concerted into part of our kitchen. The concrete roof made for interesting dismantling but 2 days in and most of it is now down with a digger due today to level the ground and start on the trenches.
A week in and most of the Trench Blocks are now in.
As smooth a first week as you could hope for.
Behind the frontline we are trying to sort bathrooms and kitchens in readiness for that time.


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3 weeks in now and we’re about to install the first floor beams in the next day or 2.
The builders have done a great job this far helped massively by the sunny weather throughout the foundations stage haha.
I’ve been impressed with all the workmanship and work ethic throughout and ignore the mess they usually clean up perfectly each night. A big bonus with kids around.
Things coming along nicely.

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Well a lots happened since my last post. The build has hurtled along pretty quickly.
All wall structures are complete, roof timbers are in and the tiling of the roof is due to be completed today.
The insulation upstairs is in and the ceiling boards have also gone in upstairs as well as the framework of the stud walls.
The only real issue we’ve had (fingers crossed) was a delay waiting for roof trusses which ground us to a halt for about 10 days and then when they arrived they didn't quite fit so we had them speedily remade for the next day.

i’m delighted with it so far. People comment regularly on its size when passing by and all being well things will continue at pace. Just not looking forward to the knock through lol.

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