6 Oct 2009
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ok there are 2 main types of screed.
[email protected] thick,..gypsum screed.
[email protected] thick tradtional sand/cement screed.

drying times.
rule of thunmb 1mm per day.

when screed has dried.
turn on ufh at low temp(follow mfr instuction) as when and how much you turn in up...do it much to soon and the screed will thermal shock(crack etc..)

preperation for tile fixing.
prime the whole floor with an acrylic or epoxy primer,across the room then when dry up the room this way you ensure full coverage.

if the screed is a 40mm thick one.. gypsum based one,then proir to any priming,you will need to gently sand the surface to remove any latiaince

if the screed has exspansion joints incorparated into it,then you will need to follow these up and through the tiles as well.

you may also want to look into a decoupling membrane as well,this will help with any lateral movement.

tile fixing.
if your using a light coloured stone tile,you will need to use a white based rapidset flexiable adhesive this will help stop any bleeding through to the tile.

i would also suggest ..backbutter the tiles also to ensure there is no voids under the tiles.

bal have a adhesive for newly laid screed ...green screed for a quicker installation of tiles.

there are a few on the market...aquamix/ltp/hg/fila/lithofin to name a few.

i would also advice before any tiling is done that you call the adhesive mfr thechnical line,these are found on the back of the bagged adhesive you will be using..bal/mapei/weber/ardex ect...

just a quick rundown here.

best of with your projects folks.
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Good bit of info tictic; you can bookmark it I suppose but this sort of stuff should be included in the “sticky” which gcol wrote some 5 years ago. It would benefit from some updating & additional info. but there doesn’t seem to be any way of updating it as it’s locked. I suppose thats sensible otherwise everyone would be tampering with it; no idea how you compile a “sticky” anyway, perhaps it’s a bit like becoming a Mason :LOL:
there doesn’t seem to be any way of updating it
only the mods can update it. you could start a thread (like this) for new stuff to go in the sticky, have a bun fight about it, then contact the mods once there is a rough consensus.

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only put it up cos,there where a few threads re: ufh etc.. ;)
Yea, I guessed that & appreciated it. Don’t want to steal your thunder M8, link it to the current threads as I’m sure it will answer most of their questions without going all around the houses. ;)

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