Unable to remove shower riser rail.

18 Aug 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi. We need to remove the shower clamp and so need to remove the shower riser rail. We have removed the grub screws (had to drill one out) but the rail simply won't budge. There is no movement when you pull it. Grateful for any ideas on what to try. Thanks.
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Hard to say without knowing which type you have but sometimes the screws that screw into the wall go through a hole in the riser rail as well, so you might have to remove the plastic covers then undo the screws.
Thanks. There are no visible screws (or a place where they might be )that go horizontal on the riser. It is completely smooth.

I did start to wonder if it were glued on as well as the grub screws but can't see any evidence of that. Wondered if it were rust or limescale too but it seems stuck so solidly. Thank for coming back to me....
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There might be a screw going vertically inside the bar, holding it to the horizontal bar. Then with the riser rail removed there might be a long screw holding the bracket on. A whole load of "mights" there I know, but it's worth checking.
Sorry if I am repeating what you have already done but: Are there end caps on top & bottom of riser? Do they unscrew or prise off? Is there a screw inside holding it to the horizontal bars? (Or was that the grub screws that you have already mentioned).
Yes there were end caps top and bottom which prise off.

The grub screws went up and down (depending which end you were at) but can't see any sign of a horizontal screw anywhere. In my head I thought the grub scr screws were holding it in place but as you see it is firmly in place.

Thanks for trying to help....
The grub screws most probably press into an indent in a horizontal pin coming out from the horizontal bar. With the grub screw out the vertical bar is free to slide off the pins. That is the theory. In practice the vertical bar is "glued" to the pins by dried shower gel, a bit of rust and other things.

Brute force may be needed.

Use a length of wood as a lever to exert pressure on the vertical bar to try and get it off the pins. Then with pressure applied give the vertical bar a few sharp taps with a hammer to possibly break the "glue". Be prepared for the vertical bar to come loose suddenly. Put something like cardboard or cushions over the shower tray to prevent the bar dropping onto it and maybe damaging it.
Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

Sorry, can't help with the shower rail but could not resist ;)

Appreciate this is an old thread but as i have exactly the same problem with two riser rails i wondered if you ever managed to get it loose.

On a third riser rail, the assembly came apart really easily but two are stuck fast, i have levered and wedged and hammered and pulled and knocked etc. I am worried that if i try any harder i will break the tiles.

I'm thinking of using a plate around the bracket and some spreaders to try and push the rail off. This should at least protect the tiles. I've also considered some powerful limescale or soap dissolver but where to put it?
Perhaps the issue is rust but who knows... There is no obvious difference between the three other than one came apart and the other two don't.

If you did succeed it would be good to know what worked please.

Thanks, Simon
Start a new thread Simon ,and post pics of your riser rails. You are more likely to get responses ,as I think the original poster is still trying to do theirs !!!!

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