Unvented water cylinder leak

16 Jan 2019
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United Kingdom
For a year now our Unvented Water cylinder has been dripping outside (25 litres per day). First he replaced the pressure relief valve then the expansion tank. I have scoured the web looking for answers but all the faults listed water seem to running through the tundish but on ours there is not a drip. Could this mean my Tundish has been plumbed in wrongly or does this suggest something else. So far its cost £300+ and now our plumber seems to have lost interest.
Any thought welcome.
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post a pic of your set up, but one of the functions of a tundish is so you can see if any water is passing through it, if there is no water passing through the Tundish then the water is coming from somewhere else, possibly a drain down valve left partially open ?
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That Tundish is only showing the one pressure releif valve, you have another PRV at the bottom of the cylinder in your 1 st pic, will probably be that which is opening and they are both connected to the same outlet pipe
Who fitted the cylinder not a G 3 installer d1 into tundish and expansion valve into d2 with no tundish the trades gone to the dogs.
Thanks so much for your time everyone Today I am going to set about reseating the valves what are the consequences of me just opening it is there a sequence

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