Update on pinging Smart Plugs

30 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom
A bit of a follow up on an earlier thread, where I discussed regularly pinging each Smart Plug, to confirm it was still doing what it was supposed to...

This thread ---- https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/smart-devices-advising-lost-lan-contact.594075/page-3

Since running the software, at least while ever my laptop was turned on, it has shown no failures to ping every device and no device has failed to do what it was supposed to do, until this past week...

I have 8 of these Smart Plugs, and during the past week 3 of the 8 stopped responding to Alexa, though 7 of them continued to respond to a ping request. It was the alert of the one which had failed to respond, which drew my attention to check the other two on Alexa. All three of the failed ones, were showing a blue LED, suggesting they had a connection to the router.

Slightly better than nothing, but not 100%. Better would be some way to have Alexa itself generate a warning of an issue somehow.
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