UPVC French door adjustment

11 Dec 2022
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United Kingdom
Hello, first time poster, long time reader.

I was hoping I could get some help with the gap at the bottom of my upvc french doors?

Since the recent cold weather has arrived, there is a noticeable draught coming from along the bottom of the right hand door (picture 1 and 4).

Looking closely at the door (pictures 2 and 3), there is a gap of about 3m along the bottom, and this slowly closes as you look up the frame on the hinge side. No issues with the other door.

I have butt hinges I believe, and I have previously adjusted these to heighten the door as it started to catch on the door plate (picture 7). I adjusted the other door too to keep them aligned.

The door shuts and locks fine, but it does look like there is a smaller gap at the top of where the doors join outside than at the middle and bottom (picture 5). Its a multi point locking system so I can't adjust cams to pull the door closer in the frame.

It seems as though the bottom allen key bolt on the hinge raises and lowers the door, and the central bolt behind plastic cap adjusts the door laterally but I doesnt seem like the bolt at the top of the hinge makes any adjustment.

Any ideas on how to close the gap? Many thanks.


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My understanding is, depending on the specific make/model of hinge, some only offer lateral and height adjustment i.e. no compression. Not sure what bracket yours falls into. Also, sometimes the compression adjustment in terms of -/+ mm isn't that significant, so depending on the size of gap, even compression adjustment might not solve it completely.

However I ain't no expert and others will be along to provide perhaps better advice ;)

In the mean time, are you using a good old fashioned draft excluder to help keep the drafts out?
I don't think there is ' compression ' adjustment on those. They look like sfs injection 2d hinges ( @crank39 will be able to confirm ) and if so I don't know

of any compression adjustment on the actual hinge.I'd looks like it's the master door so you may be able to adjust the compression on the lock ' keep ' . What I do notice is that they are dark woodgrain and it's very possible that they have warped slightly in the heat from this year. Manufacturers advise pulling the handle up every time you use the door , not just for locking, to limit the possibility of bowing but a lot of Installers don't know or don't pass that information on.

If the door is warped , you may be able to get a bigger gasket that might take some of the slack up
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Thanks for the replies so far, anyone else got any suggestions? A draught excluder is the current solution.

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