upvc window handle not working

9 Jun 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have a couple of UPVC windows, where the top smaller windows don't open. One of them the handle lifts up and down but if you try and push the window it remains locked, so the handle isn't engaging the locking mechanism, and the other one opens and closes but the bit you put the key in moves back and forward, and turning the key does nothing i.e it doesn't lock.

Is this a DIY job, and if so any tips / vids on how to repair? Thanks in advance
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Has it ever worked?

If not, then it might be worth removing the handle(s) to see if the shaft has been removed by someone in the past.
Yes they have worked in the past.

I may need to call a window person - I don't understand how you're meant to get at anything if the window mechanism is closed and the handle does not do anything!
Gearboxs most likely need replacing.

Diy is possible but depends on your skill level and bravery.

1st start with a window that works (assuming they are all the same make) and is easily accessible inside and out.

Open it and take the handle off, Then go outside and remove the gearbox by taking out all the screws. Take photos of the gearbox and note down any codes and stamps on it then put it all back together. (Give it a good clean and lube while your at it, Silicone spray is best)

Google the codes or post the pics here and you can order the gearboxs for however many windows you need.

Next getting the window open. The smaller they are the trickier they are to do.
Take out the glass, Open the handle then remove it.
Then with tools like flat screwdrivers and flat scrapers you need to force them in the side between the sash and the frame, Then wiggle and bend the sash side to side at the bottom edge.
Eventually the sash should force open and by now you already know how to fit the gearbox.
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As Gazman says, although I tried to do the same with one of mine with no luck whatsoever, so I fitted a new window (the old one was a bugger to get out).

Best wishes with it, but the good news is that you'll find out just how hard it is to force the blooming thing, which willl make you feel safer from burglar bill :)
Touch wood ;)
As of yet I have never failed to open a stuck sash. I really must remember to get someone to film me doing it next time so I can put it on youtube.

But as I say the smaller they are the harder it is to do as there is less flex and more chance of damage by bending things.

Even if you can just get the right gearboxs ordered in ready it should make it cheaper and easier to get someone in to get the window opened.

Alot of places wont be interested in a small job where they have to come out twice and spend an hour or 2 searching for the right bits. If you have them in you can take them to a few local double glazing places to show them and explain the job.

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