Using reclaimed bricks for a driveway

28 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
I'm in the process of taking down a poorly built extension so that we can put up a well built one. I've got the roof off and I'm about to start on the walls which will result in me having a lot of bricks to do something with.

The small section of wall I've taken down so far has been built English bond with solid bricks (no frogs). The bricks are joined with lime mortar and have a concrete render on the inside and outside of the wall. I think the whole structure will have been built like this. I happen to also have a driveway which is currently just made from compacted type 2 hardcore.

So my question: is there any reason I couldn't use the bricks from the extension as the finished surface of the drive? The bricks would be laid with the largest face up which has only been covered in lime mortar which comes off very easily. The concrete render can be removed with a little effort but I'm in no rush and the face with concrete wouldn't be showing.

Assuming it's not a completely stupid idea any hints and tips would be appreciated.

Cheers :)
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Ok, I suspected that might be the case. They certainly aren't the toughest of bricks.

Any thoughts on what I could do with a couple of thousand bricks other than bung them in a skip?

I can clean them up but the face that has been cement rendered will have been keyed for the render. I'm guessing that makes them much less attractive as a reclaimed brick.

You could construct a poorly built extention :D

Or maybe try one of the sites like freecycle.
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Most types of reclaomed brick have little value, especialy if they've been rendered.
We are often exhorted to re-cycle building materials. That's OK in theory, but difficult and expensive in practice. Just hire a skip and get rid.
Cheers, I think I see a skip or ten in my future. Normally I'd have just hired a skip but it's going to cost a fortune to cart everything away. Access to the site is difficult so the biggest skip I can get on site is 4 yards.
you could try shifting them on,,,
or an email to a few local builders

you never know if someone is building something which will be rendered so your bricks could be used again,,,,,either offer them free or for a few quid if youve spent the time to clean them

best tool for cleaning old bricks,,,,,hand axe,,,,,trust me ive sat and cleaned thousands over the years,,,,and ive only cut half a thumb and three fingers off,,,not bad ay :LOL:
Some of the yards round here charge 80p each for old bricks, even internal ones.

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