Vaillant controller question: VRC 700F or VRC470F with VR65 control centre?

9 May 2012
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United Kingdom
I have just been on the phone to Vaillant, with the question: Is there any reason why I can't run a VRC 470F wireless thermostat from a VR65 control centre connected to a Ecotec Plus 438 boiler.
It turns out the VRC 470F is now superseded by the VRC 700F; and after some cogitation, thinks it might need a new VR70 control centre aswell.. but he didn't sound too sure.
The control at the moment is a Vaillant VRT 360F, but this has been so troublesome (on third remote controller..) we were looking for something else, and liked the idea of the external temperature monitoring of the 470/700.
The current VR65 control centre as I understand is a fairly basic single zone controller, with the eBus connection. Does anyone have any experience of fitting a newer thermostat to an older control centre like this? Are they very specific to each model?
Obviously swapping out the eBus connection is a doddle compared to completely replacing a control centre; but I've never dealt with Vaillant controls before, so I would be very grateful if anyone has any thoughts..
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Old post I know, but I am just about to upgrade my own system on the cheap, with an old stock VRC 470F and a VR65 added to my new EcoFit Pure 418 and three port. I have emailed Vaillant three times in the past week, asking them to confirm the 470F and 65 will work with my present system. Each time they have completely ignored my question, but have just said the VCR 700(F) and VR66 are the current units.

I will find out, when the kit arrives and I begin hacking.

Anyone know if the outdoor wireless temperature sensor includes the DCF77 time receiver, or not? If it does, do they manage to receive OK in the middle of the UK?
@Harry Bloomfield - Did you manage to get the setup mentioned above working?

Would be great to learn from your experience since I have a similar setup and intending to follow your experience

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Yep, and it absolutely works great too. That is apart from one weird problem, which I never got to the bottom of....

You can set preprogramed day and night temperatures, but you can instantly adjust them. If you adjust the temperature, it lets you store the temperature by pressing OK, or just let it be a temporary change in temperature.

I found that it sometimes stored the new temperature, without my pressing OK. I never was able to work out what caused it to save the temperature or not save it. I emailed Vaillant a few times about the issue, but got nowhere.

The outdoor sensor does not include the DCF77 time receiver, to set the time, despite what the manual suggests. Again Vaillant UK didn't seem to know.

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