Vaillant EcoTec Plus 428 Combi + Triton Jade3 shower problem

13 Feb 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

First time poster here.

I've just moved into a flat, and have a Vaillant EcoTec Plus 428 combi boiler which was installed a few years ago. It's paired with a Triton Jade 3 electric shower unit. The problem is that the shower pressure is quite low and the hot water only lasts for 5 minutes (is nice and hot, and then just runs cold from then on).

I've looked up the problem on a few forums via post searches and have tried increasing the pressure in the system (using the two grey taps under the boiler control panel) - no effect.

I sopke to Vaillant yesterday and they said it could be an issue with the shower - as the Triton Jade 3 isn't a mixer shower unit there might be issues. I tested this by running hot water from the tap on max for around 20 minutes - pressure was fine (as much as I wanted) and was hot throughout.

Not sure whether this is a shower compatability issue, or a boiler fault? I'm thinking the former!

Hope someone can help / advise!

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You say its an electric shower!

Do you mean that it heats the shower water by electricity itself?

So the boiler is not involved when you shower?

Do you own the flat?

Thanks for replying - the combi boiler heats both hot water and my rads (taps produce hot water even though we don't have a water tank). I'm not sure if the shower is *also* heating the water - pretty sure the shower doesn't pump in any case (no noise from the unit when running). The boiler shows that hot water is being drawn when taps are open (not sure about shower)

edit: and yes, we now own the flat
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I think you need to check those things you are not sure about!

If you live there its surprising you dont apparently know.

Did it previously work correctly?

Triton Jade 3 is an electric shower, it doesnt use hot water from the combi, it heats the cold incoming mains water directly with an electric element.
OP ?????? you already told us you had an electric shower ??? why would your boiler have anything to do with your electric shower

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