Vaillant Turbomax 828E

23 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a Vaillant Turbomax 828E showing F.28 fault, Has worked fine since I fitted it in 2002. Its developed an intermittant problem in the last few weeks, doesn't always fire up (no heating or hot water); works ok in the morning but heating doesn't come on in evening , when we also lose hot water,comes back on if you switch it off for a while ( no set time). cleaned electrodes, hoovered fan and burner sections, was ok for a couple of days. but the heating didn't even come on this morning and its Freezing today, (hence the name MrFreeze), cleaned electrodes again today and it started working again after a while but I know this isn't a permanent fix,Have ordered new set of electrodes but on reading up on this the (F 28= No gas, Incorrect gas valve adjustment, Electrode defective, Ignition lead defect, Electronic lighter defect) is a common fault with the 828E and no particular fix, Just wondering if you guys know any more on this before I end up ordering more parts, any help on this will be appreciated,
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All those things you have enboldened are gas related matters and should only be dealt with by a competent CORGI.

I know that the common perception is that plumbers are thick and left school at 16 but the professional approach would be to diagnose whats actually at fault and deal with just that!

A boiler fault is diagnosed by carrying out tests!

I dont give advice on gas matters to non CORGIs as its unsafe and constitutes "inappropriate advice" and is liable to get deleted on this forum.

call Vaillant would be my advice, this is corgi territory, 01773 828100
Thanks guys,
don't want to tempt fate but so far so good, its been working fine for last 2 days. can't see any problem with the gas supply in the house as every other gas appliance works as usal, may be its only affecting the boiler,or its settings have changed, who knows.
By the way I've got nothing against the plumbers ( I thought they only fixed washing machines.) I will get professional help when it comes to the crunch but where's the harm in trying to save some money. Its fun learning and gives me a chance to improve on my metal work 'O' level.
thanks again, would still appreciate more comments/advice on the subject.
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Same fault today even with new electrodes after one week or so, called an engineer, didn't fancy a cold shower in the morning, he turned up within minutes, very smart in his company uniform. Ironically when he turned the boiler on it started to work again, had a quick look around, didn't even look at the manual or error codes or run any diagnostics just felt the pump etc and said all boiler parts look OK, got to up grade my supply line from 22mm to 28mm as the boiler is quite far from the gas meter. I've got three rooms before the kitchen so there's good 40+ feet between the gas meter and the boiler. poor chap had to walk this distance to get to the boiler. The only other gas run appliance is a gas hob in the kitchen. 50 quid discounted call out charge for having a large house, back to square one. :cry:
some one must what the problem is?
I have a good idea what it may well be but as I said before I dont give advice on gas matters to non CORGI people.

Its very difficult to fix boilers which are working!

Thanks Tony
If i tell you that I know some one who was corgi registered until a couple of months ago (his membership expired and he is re-taking it in next couple of weeks), unfortunately he is not local but I can get him down for xmas, will you tell me :?: lol
I might tell him but not you!

Even then I would want to know his CORGI number and to see some evidence of his recent registration.

Dont leave it too late as a new part may be required.

But he should have the required skills anyway so should not need my help.


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