vauxhal zafira 1.6 petrol 02 poor idle at start up.

3 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
Looking for a point in right direction before i give in and take it to main dealer so any help most welcome.

vauxhal zafira 1.6 petrol 02 automatic

When i start car from cold especially first thing it starts instanly but if i try and acelarate slowly then nothing no response it runs so slow that if i try and pull away it stalls 50% of the time so i usally just sit there for a minute or 3 then it gets better and i can pull away.
I can acelarate through this by putting my foot down hard and it clears and revs hard and i can drive like a joy rider.
Once cleared (by time ive sat still for 5 mins or driven 100m or so) it absoultley fine and starts fine and idles perfectly ,and is responsive at idle ,untill its from cold again never as bad as first thing though.

Engine managent light is on,this was reset and fault traced but didnt cure problem ,after 2 weeks living with problem light is now back on

So far been looked at by couple of non Main dealers and have tried loose conection cleaning conections and changed the coolant temp sensor .
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this turned out to be mass flow air meter ,£200 diag charge then £100 to fix.
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