Vinyl planks on floor with two small changes in angle?

5 May 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a hallway which is approx 1m perfectly level, then there is a change to a slight downwards gradient (0.57 degrees, or 20mm over 2m) for 2m, then it levels off again for the last 2 or 3 m.

Are those two changes in gradient enough to cause problems if I want to get vinyl planks fitted? (I dont really want to go with glued down vinyl).

I suppose I could treat it as three areas, and have a join at the two changes in gradient, but it will not look the best.

The subfloor is very smooth, so no boarding over is required.

It *might* be possible for me to take out some of the gradient by making the drop 15mm over the 2m (by raising the lowest part). Lowering the highest part is not an option.

What sort of flooring would cope with this floor? Carpet obviously. Vinyl from a roll also. Anything else?

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may not help but many years ago I laid cork tiles on concrete and came across the same issue. (extension floor built higher then door frame removed.

I laid the tiles so that there was a seam across the doorway at the higher level, and managed the slope and back to level as the gap caused the seam to tighten up.
On the higher level change, the seam was "doable" because it was straight and open a bit but careful undercutting meant that the seam wasn't a huge gap.

May be different if planks are up and down the slope and in brick pattern rather than chessboard

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