Visonic powermax complete problems

So at no point he says its NOT working either ! Last post he was going to set it off to see !
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Engineering problems are a process of elimination ,what ive found on some forums is that engineers bombard the guests with engineering language instead of keeping things simple.Check the simple things first , then try something else if that doesnt work...Also these forums seem a magnet for arguementative people rather than helpfull people.Keep things simple for the guests so there not put off by to much technical terms .
Mmmm 528 thanks .... I must be so unhelpful ? :eek:
How simple is set off alarm does it sound ? Does the strobe flash ? That's the process of elimination !
Some times wonder why people bother.

Try and help rather than rubbish someones genuine opinion on possible faults.

self certifying your expertise by how many units you installed a week doesn't make you come across as more credible either for the record.

okay lets say it is the battery at fault, that should be determined by simple tests before someone goes and gets a great big set of ladders and opens up the unit. I also insist that it should have reported via some kind of system alert that a wireless device has a low battery before it packs up.

I would say a system less than six months old is the responsibility of the installer to investigate and put right if faulty through no abuse of the system.
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I'm assuming you're talking about me lol ,exactly how have I in your words rubbished anyone's opinion I've just stated that as engineers we need to keep things simple for the layman we have on this forum and not go to in depth unless absolutely necessary.
And as for self certifying my credibility, I would rather trust someone's advice who has installed 10-15 units a week rather than someone who's possibly only installed a few units, and as for my credibility my experience and vast qualifications should suffice.
I also do fire ,cctv ,access control, intruder (ex nsi gold and ssaib engineer),electronic article surveillance ,ip camera's ,tannoy systems ,satellite systems and other things besides,so im more than capable of giving out advice ,but I prefer to keep things simple for the guests.
not specifically but certain points would point in your direction without any doubt. No one is saying you are not knowledgeable or don't have more experience with that panel than anyone else.

the fact the installer did speak to them initially, and didn't resolve the issue and did some test of which we don't know the outcome, would to me say, either they didn't ask for the correct tests to be performed to verify the state of the panel or its something else that isn't usually picked up on.

however its more likely to be and it isn't x,y,z

Now on the visonic panels, you have an engineer and a sub engineer, the sub engineer can do everything the main engineer can except for two things, 1. is defaulting the panel I think from engineering 2. cant remember but sure I can look it up if needs be.

attended a few for maintenance/ fault repair, often the actual installer does change the engineers code but not the sub engineers code. sorted issues out without the need to default the codes, however if it was going to be maintained regular by me I would have defaulted the codes and changed them both.

One of the reasons you don't give an end user an engineers code is to stop them from fiddling with the alarm, some will fiddle others won't.
leaving the sub engineers unchanged does help them get into the menus and change things.

No one is saying that your not right and when you get call outs due to faults you learn what customers get upto but shouldn't, I ask them to be honest as it may help get to the issue quickly and be resolved and ask them a few questions before testing/ interrogating the panel.

EX, used to install, have you retired?

keeping things simple is a matter of a persons comprehension, not necessarily anything else, you see regular posts on here, some are quick to pick things up and have spent many hours reading manuals and getting confused, some simply have no idea.

I am not sure which part of the thread was particularly technical, but maybe it is if they have no idea then they would normally ask for someone to elaborate.

as for forum behaviours in general, some may consider it rude to jump as a newbie and attacking other established members, whether they are right or wrong there are often better ways of approaching things. (By the way I am not known for my tact either in many circles).
No ive not retired im ex install and service engineer, just moved to another company which is alot better money and hours and the company does everything except intruder so im made up not having to go out on call because of incompetent end users.I think its a bit unfair to say ive attacked anyone and to be honest i couldnt care less if anyones an established member , they dont hold any hierachy over the forum.If there wrong there wrong its as simple as that and as you can see i dont do tact either lol.

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